Are the IB classes as difficult as students say?

By Samantha Morales ’20

As you know in our academic community, Junior year is the year students have the chance to get elected for IB.  This article will be comparing the Noble IB program vs. the CPS IB program, how students schedule differs from each other, how students are able to manage their time a the diploma program and what it is.

Junior Xiomara Arzate, who attends Pritzker, states, “No, we don’t get to choose the IB classes we want to take. We have to take all of them. It’s like all or nothing. There’s only one class that I get to see everyday which is ITGS” Arzate, goes on explaining that the fact that students who were chosen for IB do not get to choose what classes they want to take from IB, which she doesn’t like.

Now, some students might think CPS does not require their students in IB to take all of their classes. Here is something that might change the perception of what the requirements of being in a IB program in CPS are.

A junior attending Prosser Career Academy Roberto Guerrero, states “You have to take the required classes by IB, and you only get one elective to choose from freshmen, sophomore, and senior year. You get to choose between music, art, and drama. Junior year you have to choose between ITGS, visual arts, or psychology.” Now, the difference here is that the students’ classes label each other as IB. However, the students at Pritzker only visit their elective every other day whereas a student at Prosser has to see each class every day.

Everyone knows, at some point, every student struggles with time management, some more than others. You may also know that the workload from IB can differ from a student who has all regular classes or all AP/ Honors classes. You may be able to distinguish the difference between the Noble student who’s  in IB and the way they manage their time compared to. a student at a CPS school who’s also in IB.

A junior at Pritzker, Frida Arroyo, states how she manages her time “by getting all [of her] homework done during the weekend and doing the homework that is due two days earlier so that [she can] have Thursday to rest after pulling off all those all-nighters trying to finish all the homework ahead of time”.  Arroyo goes off to say how she thinks her plan of getting everything done has been her best guide of the year, no matter the sacrifices she has to make.

Now the student in CPS might also agree with the fact that IB is a workload. Juvilee Hernandez, who attends Prosser states, “I really can’t manage my time because there’s so much to do between school, work, and at home.  It’s really hard because the workload really does mess with you.” Hernandez goes on to state how the work is taking a toll on her.

Last but not least, the IB diploma program. Not all schools will offer the IB diploma program, but Pritzker and Prosser  do. It is  a two year program offered to 16-19 year olds. This program helps you have a higher education and helps you stand out to universities.  All IB students from Pritzker are part of the IB diploma program. All students in CPS are not included in the IB diploma program. CPS students get to choose who is in the IB diploma program and who is not. The differences here vary, but you really are able to distinguish the differences between Noble and CPS IB programs.