“Apex Legends: Wild Frontier”: Not so legendary

Picture of Apex Legend's in game battle pass showcasing the "Messenger" skin for Octane. Photo Credit: Eric Morales

By Eric Morales ’21

Apex Legends new battle pass and season called Wild Frontier has an amazing new legend, a mediocre battle pass, and a not so exciting season.

A battle pass system is a system  in which you pay a one time fee of a certain amount of money. This gives you all sorts of cosmetics that you can unlock while playing the game. The battle pass is not required in order to play the game. There are a total of 100 tiers (or levels) that each have their own type of cosmetics: New skins for each legend (playable character), new voice dialogue for each of the playable characters, new designs for your characters cards and titles, and, finally, new skins for your weapons (or weapon camos).  With the new battle pass, came a new season with a new legend. A season is the time in which a battle pass will stay occurring and events through this time will happen. Once the season ends, the cosmetics you gain from the battle pass can no longer be obtained as a new battle pass would soon be releasing. And finally with the introduction of the new legend Octane who brings new abilities to the table such as passive healing, a jump pad (which is his ultimate), and an increase speed or boost at the expense of a portion of your health.

Octane is the only new interesting addition that this season of Apex Legends has to offer. It was something new, something unexpected, and something that was worth getting excited about. It brought new gameplay to an already repetitive genre and game, and allowed you to try new ways in getting your number one victory. The appealing character design and lines the character remarks really makes it enjoyable to play this legend. Even the way he runs just show how the little detail in this character really puts it aside from the rest of his fellow legends and make him a great addition to the game.

Sadly, the same can not be said about the rest of the content released for the Wild Frontier season. There was nothing appealing about this season’s battle pass. Nothing that jumped out at me and made me say, “hey, that’s pretty cool, I’m willing to spend my money on this battle pass for this cosmetic.” The battle pass offered simple skins and camos, nothing colorful or aesthetic.

Usually, in other battle royale type games, such as Fortnite, Call of Duty: Blackout, or even H1Z1, a new season usually means an addition or change to the how the game is usually played. Whether it be a new place on the map, new vehicles, new weapons, or a change in the way the game played, there was always something refreshing about a repeated experience, but Apex Legends does not take the opportunity to try something new with this first season.

Some might say that the only reason it is so bland is because it is only the first season, but I beg to differ. The battle royale genre is not something new. New seasons on different battle royale games is something that happens often and the producers of Apex knew of this. They brought something revolutionary at the initial launch of the game such as being able to respawn dead allies, so they are capable of bringing something new or exciting to the table.

  • Battle Pass release date: Tuesday, Mar. 19
  • Rating: T
  • Cost: 950 Apex Coins or $10