AP Spanish: Second entry test for sophomores

AP Spanish Confirmation sheet Photo Credit: Andrea Fajardo

By Andrea Fajardo ’21

At Pritzker College Prep, sophomores are given the chance to take an online AP Spanish course. The first test was given out in advisory on Tuesday, Jan. 15. The second test, which was taken in room 205, conducted by College Counselor Mark Williams, was Wednesday  Feb. 20 and Thursday Feb. 21, confirmed if sophomores made the class. They were told they’d receive an email on Friday of Report Card Pick Up.

However, not all the sophomores took the entrance  test as it was optional. Sophomore, Crystal Garcia, expressed, “It was kind of hard because we don’t take ANY Spanish classes,” and classes are pure English, “so having to read a text and answer questions as I would on a test was hard.”

Even though she is not the only one, sophomore Elizabeth Gutierrez stated, “I felt challenged because it was proper Spanish and not what one might usually use around family and friends, but I felt determined to get through and pass it.” Garcia stated, “Sophomores have the ability to build more knowledge out of it.”

While most students are familiar with the language, it is being taught with a further understanding to it. Gutierrez explained, “I believe that the language itself is very powerful, and I should be using it considering I come from a Latino family.”

AP Spanish is an online class that Williams will provide through Google Classroom and is considered a normal class that affects their GPA. Therefore, students will have added homework. Garcia stated, “If we get accepted, the email provides a sheet that is to be printed and signed, [and] shown to parents, that we have made the class.”

In the email, with the sheet, it provides further information about taking two exams on Feb. 16 and April 13 before the last exam as they are practices to see how students are progressing. Williams recommends attending his office hours at least four times if any help is needed; he is available on Wednesdays from 4:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m.

As Gutierrez stated, “AP Spanish is like learning more [about] my culture, [and] further understand my knowledge of my first language.”