AP exams are arriving quickly

AP student exam dates PC: Kayla LaSalle

By Kayla LaSalle ’21

The end of the school year is closing in and May is the month of exams. After a week of no school for spring break, sophomores, juniors, and seniors have to finish preparing for the exams that will fall upon them based on their work all school year.

The AP courses, which these students will be taking exams for Biology, Literature, Composition, World History, US History, and Calculus. Some of the students taking exams might not be taking just one while other students will be taking only one. These exams are given by the College Board. 

Sophomores Helen Delgado and David Pelayo will be taking exams for World History and Spanish Language and Culture. Both Delgado and Pelayo believe these exams are based on skill. Delgado believes spring break before the exam gave her a bit of time to study. On the other hand, Pelayo believes that going on break did not make things harder. 

Delgado stated, “[the AP classes} are a great way to gain college credit and  find out how well [you] may be able to do in a college class.” Pelayo stated, “the tests just requires skill.”

Students are given dates, by their teachers, where they can come into school and have a review session. 

For example, Charles Rosentel and Bryan Williams, teachers for AP World History, had put together a schedule for their students to have two-hour review sessions on Saturdays. Rosentel and Williams also gave their students the option to have one-hour review sessions on Tuesday or Wednesday with World History alumni.

Delgado is aiming to generally pass both of her exams, and Pelayo is specifically aiming to receive a 3 or more on his exams. Both Pelayo and Delgado find that preparing for these exams is quite stressful and nerve-racking. Pelayo stated that focusing to improve can “potentially save [him] lots of money when it comes to college.” These exams have made the two a bit nervous, and they feel that their future somewhat depends on them.

Pelayo and Delgado feel prepared for their upcoming exams. After all, being that the school year is coming to an end, Delgado believes all the preparation put into the classes for these exams should and will pay off.