ANTIFA: Not Our Saviors

ANTIFA sign by the Monument with Standing Beast sculpture at Thompson Center.

By Esteven Estrada ‘19

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You’ve probably heard of ANTIFA (Anti-Fascists), and how they have a policy to stop “fascism” in any way possible. Well, I wanted to know more about the mindset of the people who call themselves ANTIFA, and I wanted to get answers to some questions.

Before I begin, I want to define Fascism. Fascism is type of government that is authoritarian and has a belief of race superiority. It also silences opposition.

On November 18, ANTIFA held a rally to fight against, what they called, the “Trump/ Pence Regime.” Their plan is to force Trump to resign the presidency or be impeached by congress.

When I was there, I immediately noticed one thing: no one provided evidence. I listened to the speakers, I interviewed people, and they claimed many things about Trump while rarely providing  evidence to claims. The people who did decide to show me evidence were weak and not double checked.

One man I interviewed, named Ray Rossman, said, “[Trump] wants to take away rights from marginalized groups.” He also said, “He shames the U.S.” (I can agree with that at least). He never provided evidence for this, and from my research, I cannot find any unbiased evidence for Trump wanting to take the rights from marginalized groups (The Huffington Post is very left leaning, so I will not use it).

Now, another man I interviewed who, unfortunately, in the week before the protest, finally found out his mom, grandma, and aunt died in the hurricane in Puerto Rico, said that Trump cared little about Puerto Rico because Puerto Rico is not “white enough.” I can’t find any audio or transcripts that show Trump saying that or implying it.

He also said, “Trump said that Puerto Rico came at the wrong time.” He actually provided evidence for me. The video that he provided me had Trump saying (when Trump went to Puerto Rico) “I hate to tell you, Puerto Rico, but you’ve thrown our budget, a little, out of whack.”These are two different scenarios. One is a poorly timed joke done in bad taste because Trump doesn’t filter himself, and the other is Trump just being a racist.

Interestingly, there was someone at the rally who was not just there to protest Trump. A man who called himself “Brother Joe” also protested RCP (Revolutionary Communist Party). Brother Joe said “[RCP] are disingenuous that they are communist but don’t tell people.” He said that he doesn’t like Trump, but he hates RCP even more. He went around kicking water and shouting, “RCP go home,” and he was being blocked by ANTIFA.

Ultimately, I didn’t get some of my questions answered, but I did get a little more insight into the brain of ANTIFA.