“Always Be My Maybe”: A not so good movie

“Always Be My Maybe”: A not so good movie

By Carina Lopez ’20

Although “Always Be My Maybe” may appear as your typical boy meets girl, in which they’ll live happily ever after type of movie, but in actuality it is  exactly that, but plot twist, it’s not good. With a lack of chemistry and humorless jokes, “Always Be My Maybe,” might not be the movie for you. 


Starring well-known actors like Ali Wong, playing as Sash; Randall Park, playing as Marcus; and Keanu Reeves, as himself. Yes, Keanu Reeves get over it. Despite my comments, the movie surprisingly managed to achieve a high rating on rotten tomatoes with an astonishing 90%, whiсh is extremely hard to do. 

Although the representation of Asians is greatly appreciated. Unlike “Crazy Rich Asians”, which was an actual good movie, the representation would’ve been more appreciated if minorities would’ve been represented on a good movie. 


To sum everything up, this movie follows the relationship between former neighbors and childhood friends as they reunite, with Sasha being a chef and Marcus being more grumpy than before. 

Now onto the movie itself. Honestly, I found the chemistry between the two to be lacking in terms of romance. Which is reasonable, as in real life, Wong is married with a kid, but it’s a predictable romantic movie. Even the cover photo for Netflix looks awkward. , which is ironic being that both actors are comedians. With that being said, I actually really enjoy Park’s comedy, but it just seems that the comedy part of the movie wasn’t the writers’ main focus. Also I think that Keanu Reeves appearance was confusing and really not needed. I guess it was for the “comedic” aspect of the movie.

Other reviews

Like mentioned before, the movie received many positive reviews like that from Variety, “Netflix’s politically correct romantic comedy has its own unique identity, savoring aspects of Asian-American culture, and treating both protagonists as equal partners.” However, as I said, I didn’t like it and found it kind of cliche all while loving the representation. 

Overall, I will not be watching it again although I love the actor and his comedic career. The movie was just not it. That being said, if you are looking for a good romantic comedy, I would just look somewhere else.

  • 1h 42m
  • PG-13
  • Romantic Comedy
  • Netflix