Alumni returning home for Thanksgiving

By Jaime Aguilar ’21

This year, Pritzker alumni are returning home for Thanksgiving. This return may consist of eating and enjoying their time with their family and friends.

Benny Delgado, part of the 2017 graduating class, mentions that in college he has to be responsible since he does not live with his parents anymore. He lives in an out of state college.

As for Gustavo Marquez, who was part of the 2017 graduating class, he said, “In college life, there is a lot more freedom, and you gain a sense of responsibility. It helps you do things on your own and to be mature and grow up.”

When people are away from family, they tend to get homesick. Marquez mentioned that he does not get homesick. Delgado, however, does get homesick. He said, “I do get homesick but when I haven’t been home for a long time.” One way that Delgado copes with his homesickness is, “I do have a host family. They do give me that family feeling, and it helps take the homesickness away.” There are other ways of coping with homesickness, but this is Delgado’s unique way of coping with it.

When people visit their family or loved ones, they do not just magically appear. It requires you to take a means of transportation.

There are plentiful options for commuting home: you can go by car, by train, by bus, and by flight.

All these options are viable for traveling, it just depends on the person and their preference. Delgado, for instance, drives home, and it is a two-hour commute. As for Marquez, he takes the Megabus, and it takes him about three and a half hours to get from point a to point b. Delgado also comes home whenever he has breaks.

When visiting, Delgado and Marquez mostly stay home until the last day of their break because they have to go back to college. On the last day of their break, they also have to say their goodbyes to their family.

As for Marquez, he said, “It is not hard to say goodbye because I will see them again soon.”

Delgado also said, “It is hard to say goodbye because I do not want to go back to school.” This reason could be relatable to most college students because that is the way most people think.

Since Thanksgiving is a national holiday, it is a celebrated yearly. Marquez and Delgado have mentioned that their trip back home is a yearly trip for them as well.

Family bondage is important, it strengthens relationships with parents and children. Next time there is a break, do what Marquez and Delgado did, visit them.

How about you? Do you have any siblings coming back from college?