Alumni move forward in their education

Picture of a student study list

By Citlalli Calderon ’18

After high school, next stop is college. Having already gotten adjusted to these four years of high school, one enters a whole different environment with a variety of people from different backgrounds. Although, reality hits, being in college could be stressful knowing there is a ton of work to be done for classes. The community college experience is much different than a university. These colleges do not offer a bachelor’s degree rather one has to transfer to a university to receive a  bachelor’s degree. In order to be eligible to transfer to a university, one has to earn credits to get their transfer transcript evaluated and approved to transfer.

Although some students don’t want to immediately go to a four-year university, for financial purposes or because they are unsure of what they want to major in. Students make the decision to attend a two-year college to make their college experience an easier transition to a more supportive environment and get their courses done. Additionally, these students attend community colleges to make sure they learn at their own pace. Flexibility also takes part in why students choose to attend community colleges, to have time to also spend time for themselves and if students have jobs, they will be allowed to sustain a job and school work. Students are allowed to choose whether they want morning classes or night classes.

Most students take advantage of cheaper tuition so they attend community colleges than attending a university in where students may be in debt by not being able to pay their own student loans or tuition.

A Smaller campus is an easy reason for students to attend community colleges. Allowing them to easily find their classes and less difficult to get lost like in a four-year university. The amount of workload is less at a community college than it is in a four-year university, making it less stressful to get tons of papers and studying for an exam. Also, it can be a little overwhelming to feel like one does not fit in when attending a university which is why students attend a two-year college.

According to Alum, Leopoldo Torres, stated, “I decided to attend community college because of my mom and not necessarily because of me. I realized that my financial situation would necessarily improve if I had worked minimum wage my whole life. What I sought for was a better future for myself, family, and future family. From what I’ve heard from friends who actually attend universities, the biggest difference is that in universities the classes are a lot later. For some people this may not be a problem but because high school was honestly hand-holding, being independent is a completely new challenge than some, unfortunately, struggle with. Community college allows students to get a better one on one help.” Torres explains why he decided to attend a community college and the difference he believes of universities and colleges.