All American Season 2: Shocking ending

All American Season 2: Shocking ending

All American is a tv show inspired by a true story, and it has left fans wanting more. The show is filled with high-quality acting and a shocking cliffhanger. 

The life of an African-American football player named Spencer Paysinger. The show takes place with a rising high school football sensation by the name of Spencer James who gets recruited to play football at Beverly High School. Spencer must make the decision on whether he wants to stay at South Crenshaw or leave and go to Beverly High School. With the help of his mother, Grace, and his best friend, Coop, Spencer is convinced to transfer to Beverly. However, problems arise and Spencer must live with his coach Billy Baker and his family.

This show is filled with high quality acting. All actors play a pivotal role throughout the series. They help the audience feel as if they are right there in the moment. The actors did an amazing job getting a perspective of two worlds colliding and one individual that has to deal and make decisions on how he must go about everything. Some of these choices come with consequences and tears while others coming with smiles and laughter. They also show both external and internal issues of every individual in the show from both worlds, rich and poor.

The plot twists in this show have so much emotion.  The actors and the directors do an excellent job making the audience feel all that emotion.  Spencer’s arm injury made a return at the end of the show and it has made a promising return for the next season. The season finale was a bit chaotic because of the many things that need to be addressed before it all ended. Overall the show was a huge success and many fans are eager for the next season.  

“The acting in certain parts of the show can get really corny at times but most of the young actors do really well outside of the football scenes.”  I would have to disagree with what this is saying because I think that that’s the beauty of the show. The actors are trying to act as teenagers and well at times i’m sure teens act in a way that may come out as being corny, but I would not say that this show shows any scenes as being corny.  

I would recommend this show. It is worth watching, especially if you are looking for something to binge watch. This series does have a good amount of episodes to watch so it can keep you busy. 

  • 16 episodes in season 2
  • Runtime: 45 min long
  • Drama and sports series