All American: One of the most inspiring shows

All American: One of the most inspiring shows

By Michael Barcenas ’20

All American is a very popular show on Netflix that is very motivational, emotional, and very entertaining. Currently season 1 is available on netflix, with season 2 coming soon.  

This show is based on a true story. It is based on former NFL  player Spencer Paysinger, who is an NFL Superbowl Champion. 

This show’s cast includes Daniel Ezra (Spencer James), Bre-Z (Coop), Greta Oniegou (Leila), Samantha Logan (Olivia Baker), Taye Diggs (Billy Baker)and Michael Evans (Jordan Baker). 

The main character in this show is “Spencer James” who is a highschool football star.  This show follows Spencer James’ journey to pursue his dream of being able to play in the NFL. Throughout his journey there is a lot of drama, violence, and football that occurs. 

In the first episode they explain and show how Spencer James comes from one of the most dangerous and poor neighborhoods and how he makes a huge decision. He accepts an offer from a coach in Beverly Hills, which is one of the wealthiest neighborhoods there.

From that transition, Spencer struggles because it is really hard for him to fit in when it is mostly rich white people who he has to spend time with. Although people may not respect him off the field, he was well respected on the field because of how great of a player he was. In this transition, he has to move with his coach, Billy Baker, an important character throughout the rest of the season. In that same household two other important characters live there and they are the children of Billy Baker, Olivia and Jordan Baker. 

Spencer falls in love with one of the popular girls at his new high school named Leila, who is Olivia’s best friend. Both Leila and Spencer relate to each other because they have single parents. Leila lost her mother in a car accident and Spencer’s father left when he was 10.

Spencer growing up had so much anger because of his dad leaving him, which is why he is who he is. He plays football because of his dad and he is always getting flashbacks when his dad left him. As you come towards the end of season 1, there are multiple secrets exposed about multiple people and Spencer’s main question, “Why did my dad leave?” is answered.

Throughout the episodes we see how Spencer fits in his new football team and how Spencer transforms a losing team into a winning team. He takes them to the state final, which you are able to see on Netflix!

Additional Facts

  • There are 16 episodes in season 1.
  • Available on: The CW, Netflix, Youtube Tv, Youtube, FuboTv Live, and Amazon prime.
  • Original release October 10, 2018, but unknown date released on netflix.
  • Season 2 is expected to be on Netflix in March 2020.