All about Michelle Perez

Selfie taken by Michelle Perez.

By Angel Olanda ’17

She is hardworking, has an awesome sense of humor, and a loving heart. Some might know her by her amazing makeup skills, others by her bubbly smiles. Junior Michelle Perez is definitely someone worth befriending.

Perez first arrived to Pritzker in her sophomore year, and had to learn to adjust to the new system. “Coming to Pritzker, I was told things were going to get much harder.” Although she still admits that sometimes this school could be a little too much for her, she said, “to always stay strong, and remember this school is just trying to put you into a good college.”

Adapting to the system might have been a difficult process for Perez but making friends wasn’t very much the case. “I am happy that I made friends so fast. I didn’t expect I would meet such great people.” Many say that she has the attitude that makes people want to talk to her more. Junior Esmeralda Arroyo mentioned that Perez is a very “chill person and [that] her makeup  skills are always on fleek.”

Not only was making friends one of her top priorities but also boosting her GPA and preparing for the ACT. Perez stated that when she gets home, she automatically knows to start her homework and sometimes even challenges herself by not  having her phone nearby. “Being in an AP class, a lot of more homework is required, and sometimes distractions are just a no to me.” Having her older sister, who is a current senior at PCP, is a huge help for her as well as her friends. Perez stated that she is happy at this point of her life.