All about Easter with Pritzker students

It is a picture of your typical Easter Day egg hunt. They are colorful and full of goods.

By Citlali Sanchez ’21

There are a lot of activities done  on Easter. There is the traditional egg hunt, and the going to church on this specific day. People have their favorite memories about this day, and the meaning for them.

A sophomore, Ivan Santillan, explained his favorite memory is “in Kindergarten when we would have the egg hunt and there was a lot of candy inside of them.” Another sophomore, Alexis Arroyo informed that his yearly Easter traditional consists of egg hunting and meeting up with the family. He also added that he felt weird yet sad remembering when he used to egg hunt. A freshman, Angelina Serna, stated that her favorite Easter memory was when her family would meet at her aunt’s house. Serna said that they would play board games, watch movies, eat, sing, and play football.

Everyone knows that an egg hunt is a necessity for Easter day. An activity Santillan did this year was going to church. He explained that after church he spent time with his whole family. His family reunites and eats and “just catch up.” “It was pretty fun,” Santillan stated, “it was simple but I enjoyed it.” Santillan said that every Easter, his whole family goes to church in the morning and eats after. This year, Santillan went to the park, church, and had a little family reunion.  Arroyo stated, “This year was a unique one.” Arroyo explained that his older brother bought a house and that that was where he spent his Easter. He claimed that it was “nice being somewhere new.” He said him and his brother’s family played video games on his uncle’s PS4 and that they had an egg hunt. Serna said that she stayed home. Indoors she had a “casual and very relaxing time.” Serna claimed that her brothers, mom, and uncle had a small dinner. She explained that it was different from other Easters, “We usually have many food items and more family, but this year was smaller and more family based.”

Another sophomore, Natalie Prudente, spent her Easter a bit different but still with the same meaning of enjoying her time with family. Prudente claimed that she spent her Easter on a farm. She did many exciting activities such as riding horses and riding motorcycles. “Our family would usually spend Easter with my dads’ side of the family and that got me bored.” She stated that her family decided to do something different this year.

Santillan said that Easter for him means a family reunion, where he gets to play and follow the traditions of every year, but also a time where everything is okay. Serna stated, “I like it because I get to be with all the people I’m thankful for and I get to appreciate every single one of them.”