Alex Bahena: The Ambitious Journalist

By Kayla Cruz  ’20

It is Monday evening. The sun is bright and the weather is nice outside. You would think that everyone is relaxing and enjoying the nice weather outside, right? Well, many people probably are except for senior Alex Bahena. Bahena is a section editor for the Pritzker Press and he spends his Monday evenings in the Journalism room. Bahena constantly puts in numerous hours into Journalism to make sure that he is helping out the Pritzker Press newspaper anyway he can. With being a section editor, Bahena takes on more responsibility than a regular staff editor. What this means is that he designs the layout for the Sports and News section of the newspaper while he also manages a small group of journalists by approving article topics and grading articles.

When Bahena first started at Pritzker, he was not in Journalism for his first semester. “I actually started off in Band for the first semester of my freshman year,” Bahena said. The reason why Bahena transitioned from Band to Journalism was due to Bahena’s feeling that Band was not for him. “In Journalism, I would be provided with the opportunity to talk about what I loved, which was sports,” Bahena said. Bahena added that Journalism also offers him benefits. Bahena mentioned that Journalism would help him “get out of [his] shell due to talking to random people for interviews”.

A friend of Bahena is junior Jazlyn Jimenez. Jimenez met Bahena through Harkness classes they both had together during the summer. However, the pair started to become close during Bahena’s junior year since they both are editors for the Pritzker Press. Jimenez mentioned how helpful Bahena is during Journalism. “He always helps me whenever I am lost on how to set up my spread and helps me grade articles when I am falling behind,” Jimenez said. Jimenez is not the only person who thinks Bahena is a very helpful person. Senior Marlene Ocampo mentioned how helpful Bahena has been. “He helps me so much when I need to figure out who to interview,” Ocampo said. Ocampo mentioned how if someone needed to know something about what is going on in the school Bahena will most likely know what is going on. “[Bahena] is like a calendar, and he always knows who to contact when trying to figure out what is going on,” Ocampo said.

A quality frequently mentioned about Bahena was how he always goes above and beyond in his work. Junior Carina Lopez mentions how working with Bahena was great because “he would always try to help everyone when they are stuck and would check over everyone’s work to make sure it is correct.” Jimenez also mentioned how Bahena always goes that extra step to make sure he is doing everything to the best of his ability. “When we worked on the  Milkie article together, [Bahena] was the one who went above and beyond to get a variety of sources,” Jimenez said.

All in all, Bahena continues to strive to help any way he can to make the Pritzker Press the best that it can be. From staying late at school to helping his fellow journalists, Alex Bahena is the contributes so much to the newspaper and is considered the “backbone” to the Pritzker Press.