Advice from Pritzker alumnus Edwin Salgado ’13 on attending UIUC

Compiled by Students in B2

Edwin Salgado is an alumnus from Pritzker who graduated in 2013. He is now attending the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. We asked him questions about the college he is attending.

How are the teachers (professors) compared to Pritzker teachers?

“To start, most teachers aren’t the same as Pritzker teachers. Most college professors don’t care if you get an A or B in the class. Regardless, they will get paid. However, this also depends on the lecture size as well as the major you are in. There are some instructors that genuinely do care for you, but don’t take their kindness as a form of weakness. Be grateful that Pritzker has the teachers it has now.”

Are there any job opportunities for students?

“Of course there are. The list of jobs doesn’t end. Most stores higher college students and are willing to arrange a schedule based off one’s time schedule. Especially if you work for your college. I used to work in University Dining Services. In that job there are many different subdivisions tasks that you can perform. It can be washing plates, serving food, cleaning tables, stocking food, supervising employees etc.”

What should we be taking advantage of at this school

“I emphasize taking advantage of the paraprofessionals and professionals in the campus. The advisors you have genuinely care for you to succeed. For me, having an advisor didn’t make me feel like I’m 1 in 45,000. Also, don’t be afraid to speak up because someone out there has had the same question or concern that you’ll have. Be aware of the statements that you make because words have power in them. Lastly, familiarize yourself with the busses; they help out a lot!”

Any beautiful scenes of the campus for people relax such as from stress?

“It all depends what one’s perception of what beauty is. For me, U of I is beautiful all around.  You can see it when you look at the sky and see the sun set. You can see it when you take those late night walks with your friends while the stars are above you. You can see it when you first glance at the Alma Mater statue and her grace that she brings to U of I. Most of all, you can see it when you first chant out the university chant. If you were looking for specific scenes, then I’d have to say the small garden south of the campus its beautiful flowers just distract you from the task at hand.”