Adrienie Cornejo: The Skillful Soccer Star

Adrienie Cornejo: The Skillful Soccer Star

Adrienie Cornejo, who goes by “Adri”, is a junior on the Girls’ Varsity Soccer team and will be playing for the third year in a row for the varsity team. She has been on the varsity team since her freshman year and also has been a starter since the freshman year. In her three years playing for the varsity team, she has won three Noble League Champion Plaques; one Regional Champion Plaque; and a Pepsico Champion.

Cornejo started to play soccer at the age of 9, which means she has been playing soccer for the past seven years. Cornejo’s favorite soccer player is Alex Morgan, a Professional Female Soccer player who plays for the United States. Morgan is also someone that Cornejo looks up to as a soccer player. Cornejo has a pretty good experience playing soccer as she grew up playing with both boys and girls.

During her offseason, she plays in little leagues throughout the summer and partly winter. In fact, in some of the little leagues, she plays with women only, or co-ed. During the little leagues throughout the summer, she plays with some of her teammates from Pritzker. Such as Joanna Bahena, a junior; Denise Jimenez, a senior; Corayma Vilchis, a senior; and many more teammates. Sometimes she even plays against them. In other words, her whole summer is spent playing soccer and she loves it. When it comes to positions on the field Cornejo stated, “I can play any position the coach puts me in, but I mostly play as a midfielder.” Her favorite memory while playing soccer was her first-ever winning goal to win a championship.

During the season, she works hard during practice and games. Hoping to keep that 6-peat for the Noble League Champions. This year there is a change in the coaching staff for the Varsity and JV team. As Luz Espinoza, Alumni Coordinator has retired as head coach and Amanda Meyers, 11/12th English teacher, has stepped up as the head coach for the varsity team. Caroline Schwartz, a Computer Science teacher, will also be helping out the Varsity team. For the JV team Benjamin Groch, 10th grade English teacher, is taking over as the JV coach. Cornejo will be able to adjust to these changes pretty easily. As she has one goal for this upcoming season, which is to keep the streak alive to advance to a 6-peat win as the Noble League champions.

Every athlete always has something to improve on their upcoming season. Cornejo stated, “I feel like there is always room for some improvement no matter what and I always try to challenge myself to always do better in every game I play.” She takes practices very seriously since that is a place where she can really improve on her game.

While winter sports just recently came to an end, spring sports are right around the corner. The girl’s first varsity game is planned to be sometime in the middle of March. Catch Cornejo and the rest of the Varsity team this season as they seek for that 6-peat.