Achievements from Pritzker students

By Jennifer Arroyo ’21

Did you know that achieving a certain concept enhances a person’s communication and increases their positive attitude? At Pritzker College Prep, there are students who are achieving their academic or athletic skills left and right.

Alexis Arroyo, a sophomore, mentioned his greatest achievement is “being called a captain on the [Boys’ JV Soccer team] for some games.” He adds that this season was one of the “greatest for [them],” and he is glad that he was a part of such a “wonderful” team.

Similarly, Citlaly Leyva, a sophomore, stated that her greatest achievement is “getting into the [Girls’ Varsity Soccer team] [her] first year of high school.” Although this achievement is not academic, it is very important to her.

While both Arroyo and Leyva mentioned athletics as their biggest achievement, Citlali Alvarez, a sophomore, and Anjolie Finnelly, a sophomore, mentioned academics to be their greatest achievements.

Finnelly mentioned that her greatest achievement is getting all A’s in her report card. She adds on that it holds a positive stability for her.

Also, Alvarez mentioned that getting a 4.15 GPA during her freshman year was one of her greatest achievements.

Alvarez stated that this is her greatest achievement because “education is very important to [her].” Likewise, Finnelly stated that getting great grades will set her on track for an excellent future. She emphasizes getting quality grades will most likely lead to getting into a wonderful college, which then leads to a great career and life. Finnelly pointed out that this achievement made her who she is. She notes that if she were to get poor grades then she would not care about school, which would affect the classes and friends she has today.

Both Alvarez and Finnelly state that getting great grades and a high GPA allow them to receive great academic opportunities. Both Alvarez and Finnelly were apart of Early College Scholars, also known as ECS, which they can add to their transcript when applying to colleges.

Arroyo adds that his achievement is important to him because it has pushed him to improve mentally. It has motivated him to show that he deserves to be part of the [Boys’ Varsity Soccer team] and will work hard to earn that spot. Leyva mentioned that this achievement is important to her due to her not having many friends in elementary and middle school. Her achievement helped with her shyness. She adds that being part of the [Girls’ Varsity Soccer team] allowed her name to get around school, and she got to make friends.

All in all, Alvarez, Arroyo, Finnelly, and Leyva all agree that when achieving these accomplishments, they learned that hard work pays off and anything is possible if you push yourself!