A special guest at Pritzker

By David Juarez ’16, Omar Marquez ‘16,

and Esmeralda Rodriguez ’16


On Friday February 12, seniors had a special guest: . He spoke about the dangers of driving with distractions and the risks teenagers take when driving with no precautions. Our special guest gave a presentation about the different types of distractions that people can encounter. The three types of distractions can be: manual, visual, and cognitive.

Manual distractions involve body movements, visual distraction is when you take your hands off of the steering wheel while driving, and cognitive distraction happens when you are thinking about something and not focused on the road.

Technology is one of the main reasons why there are many dangers of driving. The Speaker said, statistically sixty percent of accidents happen because of people being distracted while on the road. Senior Andrea Johnson said, “I do not drive but I notice that my dad sometimes talks in the phone while driving which can be dangerous for the rest of us in the car.” It only takes some seconds to be distracted.

One of the reasons people are in danger while driving is because they become selfish, scared, and crazy while driving and not thinking about others. The effects it has on others while driving without any precautions are ending someone else’s life because of a bad choice. There are safe alternatives to driving without distractions.  Speaking up is very important when you are with someone in the car and you notice the driver being distracted. Being alert is also very important and can save someone’s life.

Senior Stacy Ramirez stated, “I drive and honestly it can be very tempting to reply back to a message. Eventually, I reply back when I’m at a red light”. Distracted driving can be prevented if we all become aware of the consequences of  being distracted while driving.

Some students felt impacted by the presentation. Senior Francisco Garduno stated, “What stood out the most for me was the story of the sister that caused her own sister’s death.” The presentation, clearly, impacted some students in some way. Garduno added, “I feel that this presentation was useful because more teens will be aware of how dangerous it could be to drive and be on their  phones while driving.” On the contrary, the presentation got a bit tedious. Garduno says “At times the presentation got repetitive and boring.”

The presentation made others realize that driving unfocused is dangerous. This big group was good advice in what it takes to be a safe driver.