A future filled with love and brightness is waiting

Estrella Mendoza is getting a piggy back from her sister, Xitlalli Mendoza.

By Stephania Flores ’20, Monica Soto ’20, and Mariah Villanueva  ’20  

Whenever you see her in the hallways, she is always laughing   with her friends. She is mainly happy and smiling. There are moments where she is tired but she keeps her personality joyful. She is a hardworking, friendly, and caring. She describes her love with her family as tough love since it  made her become the strong person she is and her family are.

Estrella Mendoza, a senior,  ended up in Pritzker because she was forced by her parents to go to school at Pritzker College Prep. Mendoza was not meaning to go to Pritzker College Prep in the first place. Meaning that Mendoza had to get used to the brand new strict rules, which is very hard for a student to adapt to in a high school especially like Pritzker in particular. The reason why Mendoza was supposed to go  to Pritzker College Prep because Mendoza’s parents thought that it was the right decision to make. Pritzker is a very challenging and strict discipline school where students will be in the habit of becoming ready for college, henceforth,  the school is called Pritzker College Prep to get students ready for college. Another reason why Mendoza’s parents wanted her to go to Pritzker College Prep because it was in walking distance from her house. And Pritzker College Prep is a well taught school for students to actually get a better education opposed to going to a public school that used to always go on strikes and having children miss  school. Mendoza had to go to Pritzker because her parents had decided it was a way to get a better understanding of college that Mendoza will be previewing in the future when she graduates from high school. Pritzker has office hours which means if you have a bad grade such as a “D” or an “F” you are required to go to office hours because it means that you will need to work on that subject that you are failing,  or that you are actually close to failing. Office hours help since the teacher will explain the struggles that you are having with a particular subject. Another reason why Pritzker helps with study hall you can have a quiet place to focus on your homework without any distractions opposed if you would have did homework at your house. Also in class the teachers have a discussion with the whole classroom so everyone will have a jist of what the objective they are learning to get a better understanding. Mendoza is a very smart girl she seems to be focused and she pays very much attention in class since she has very good grades “A”‘s and “B”’s which shows she is getting a good education and for  what she is learning. This is why Mendoza’s parents think Pritzker College Prep will make a big and huge impact on Mendoza’s life for college. Mendoza will also be successful it shows life and teaching lesson skills that she will need for later in life. Mendoza is going to have a very nice and successful life when going to pritzker college prep her parents made a very good choice since it will impact her life.

Mendoza has a strong relationship with her family. Whenever you are around them, you can feel that they love each other. They are always making jokes and having  a great time with each other. Mendoza  mentioned “My family is the most important thing in my life. They are my #1 fans. They celebrate every success with me and failures as well.” She has a supporting family by her side.  Sonia Flores, Mendoza’s mother, she said that she would describe Mendoza as a fighter because she never gives up. Whenever she mess up in something, she always try to do it again, but this time she tries to do it better than before. Mendoza has a strong relationship with her sisters. They are supportive for each other. While talking with her sister, Xitlalli age 14, said “I will describe her as fat because she eats too much, ugly because she doesn’t shower and mean because she doesn’t share” But afterwards she said that she was kidding. Xitlalli said “I would describe her as a fighter because she fights for her dreams, Mainly because she is respectful towards others, and mature because although she is the older sister she always take responsibility in everything she does.” America, Mendoza’s younger sibling age 10, mention on the other hand that  she would describe Mendoza as a good sister because she share her stuff, majority of the time, intelligent because she has A’s in her report cards, and shy because she get shy or nervous talking in public.” Everyone in her family has different opinions on her. In Mendoza’s point of view, she said “I like to call my relationship with my family tough love. We argue and all, but at the end of the day we make up.” Mendoza is the way she is with her personality because she has her family support with her and she is grateful for that.

Mendoza’s personality trait is best described as caring ,outgoing, and fun by Mendoza’s friends. But surprisingly Mendozas mother will describe Mendoza as shy and friendly. When people think about her they would say that she is intelligent caring and is on time when turning in her new letters. Mendoza is seen as many different traits and qualities because people view Mendoza differently such as when  first meeting Mendoza or either friends or relatives that actually have a more better understanding of Mendoza. Mendoza is person that is trustworthy and she truly cares about her relationships about her friends and with her family.

Mendoza is also unique in many ways it doesn’t really matter  if you do not know Mendoza she is kind and unique. She seems shy at first but then she adjusts to new people. Mendoza just has something bye the way she talks to people she just has to express who she is. 9th grade science teacher Caroline Schwartz is Mendoza advisor and describes her as “Quiet, respectful, hard working, always willing to help others”. Ms.Schwartz’s favorite memory of Mendoza would be “We would look back and laugh about the fact that quite possibly the only  demerit she will ever receive in her high school career was from me at the very beginning of freshman year. Other than that she has a spotless record!”. Mendoza is an athletic girl that goes to clubs like yoga club and fit club to do when not doing her school work. Also things that would be her hobbies would be that she loves Netflix, especially romance movies.

Overall Mendoza is a worker, loved by her friends and family and likes to have fun, but is always doing her best when in school or not. Mendoza wouldn’t be where she is at without her family by her side. She is a big sister that is showing an example for her sister. Mendoza is a leader that is hardly ever seen sad by her friends of family. She  would be the first one to make a person smile and a positive person. When things get hard she will never give up and will power through it and get the job done but is doing it quality work. She has a bright future coming towards her.