A Day To Be Thankful

Photo Credit: Hector Lopez

By Hector Lopez ‘19

Thanksgiving is right around the corner. This holiday is commonly celebrated with an excessive amount of food and family gatherings.

How do students celebrate Thanksgiving?

Thanksgiving is celebrated in various ways. Jonathan Rosales, a junior, said he spends time with family and friends. He added on with saying, “I love Thanksgiving because I get to spend time with family I don’t get to see too often and catch up with them. This holiday is also an excuse to eat delicious foods.”

Crystal Ocegueda, a junior, also mentions that she celebrated Thanksgiving with family and friends, “I really like Thanksgiving because family that live outside of the state come and visit for the holiday.” Ocegueda also mentions her favorite parts of the holiday: “I love the food I eat, especially food that is from my culture like tamales, pozole, and other various of foods.”

Ocegueda and Rosales spend Thanksgiving in similar way like  spending time with family and having a buffet for Thanksgiving.

Where do you celebrate Thanksgiving?

Rosales has spent Thanksgiving in multiple places as he claimed, “Throughout the years, Thanksgiving has always been held at my house, but it has now been moved to my aunt’s house for the convenience of my other families being close to them too.”

Ocegueda mentioned that the Thanksgiving party is held at her house, “Everything for Thanksgiving is held at my place because most of my family live outside the city and state. Some of my family members travel miles, since they live so far. In the end, the whole travel is worth it because we spend time together and have a great time.”

Other things to do in Thanksgiving

Rosales and Ocegueda were questioned what other things they do during Thanksgiving. Rosales stated, “Other than eating, my family and me would watch movies. We watch mostly Christmas movies, since Christmas is also approaching, play videogames with my cousins, and if we’re not tired we would go to Black Friday even though it might not really be related to Thanksgiving, but that’s what we do.”

Ocegueda stated that her whole family sits together and talks about whatever comes to mind, “We mostly talk about what has happened in our life since we last saw each other. We like to catch up since some family members live further away than others and we don’t really hear from them that often. We also watch movies, and go outside, depending on the weather since the weather is crazy in Chicago. We mostly just talk about life but most of all we like to celebrate thanksgiving because it’s a time of the year where we all come together. “