A Contest between classes

By Arber Memedi ‘22

History classes are propping up a contest on the website Achieve3000. Achieve3000 is an educational learning site that gives users articles that they would read and answer the questions related to it. Just last week, a contest has been brought up for classes.

The participants in this are sophomores in College Prep. World History classes, and Multicultural Literature classes for  freshmen, and it looks like they are working hard for this contest. Eddie Garcia, a sophomore whose been in this contest stated, “I think it’ll be cool to see if we win or not.” The points that students earn from the questions they do will be added to the points for the whole class, and the class with the highest points is the winner.

With a contest like this, there must be a prize, right? There is. The winning classroom gets gift cards, though it’s not confirmed what the gift cards will be. That’s not all, the winning classroom also gets a party to celebrate after winning. Garcia said that he thinks the prized gift cards would be worth it.

Garcia goes into more detail if the Achieve3000 contest is hard, saying, “I don’t think so, we do it every week and we have it for homework”. Garia is in Bryan Williams, sophomore AP and College Prep world history teacher, fourth period class. Now it could be easy, but it’s not just the articles and question points, there is also a Lexile level. When logged on Achieve3000, you take a quiz that will determine your current lexile. Molly Schrishuhn, Learning Specialist and Achieve3000 contest planner, explains about the lexile levels saying, “They don’t affect the contest, the contest affects the lexile.”

Allison Pallardy, freshmen Multicultural Literature teacher, has a class which is also in this contest. Her first-period class is in the top three. Pallardy said, “First-period, in general, is very focused on Achieve3000.” Pallardy also explained how her class has been working. Her first-period class does Achieve for classwork on Thursdays where students need to pass with two 75% or 88% on their quizzes.

Pallardy explained how these prizes would work saying that Achieve3000 gives out the prizes as opinions for which one the class can pick. Some of these opinions are the mentioned gift cards and a pizza party. 

The contest will be going for the whole month of Nov., starting at the fourth, and ending the following month on Dec. 6. Though that doesn’t mean that it’ll go away, Schrishuhn said, “The company does a couple competitions a year.” She adds to it saying that there are contests that happen in spring, fall, and winter and that there might be another in the spring.

The current ranking of the classes is Pallardy’s first period class in first, William’s 4th period  in second, and William’s 2nd period in third.