A Challenging Day Of Homework And Sports

Kayla Cruz that is Rugby is doing her homework late at night after having Rugby practice.

By Dulce Zagal ’20

As sophomore students begin the school year, they have the choice of joining a sport for enrichment credit or not after school. But what do they expect when they have to do homework after their sport practice or even worst, a game? Do they expect to finish late? Who knows? Only students that join a sport would know how to deal with homework later in the day.

Managing time between a sport and homework for a student can be very difficult when it come to having all AP and Honors classes. Kayla Cruz, a sophomore that is in rugby stated, “So it is kinda really busy like right after school I got to change, go to practice and from there I get home and I have to take a quick shower, start my homework right away while eating dinner so really busy.” Felicity Castillo, a sophomore in volleyball stated, “What I do is right after school I change, go to practice and right after practice I run home because I get a lot of homework and then once I’m home I start my homework  and then I motivate myself with the shower in order to finish my homework quicker.” Both Cruz and Castillo start their homework as soon as they get home. In order for them to finish their homework quicker and feel fresh, they take a shower. They need to be active while doing their homework. Each student that joins a sport has a technique to finish their homework as soon as possible. Students struggle on their homework depending on the amount of homework the student gets. It also depends on what kind of classes the student takes. The more AP and Honors classes students take and joins a sport, the more the student stresses out.

When it comes to the day where the students have a game and have to do homework, they struggle even more than doing homework right after practice. “Well, I’m taking all AP and Honor classes so like it is going to be really hard so I try doing as much homework as I can the day before even if it means staying up a little late but like you know I am trying to do all my homework so right after I get from my game I just have a little bit left,” stated Cruz. Cruz tries to work ahead so the next day she has a rugby game, she has a small amount of homework left. Castillo mentions that she gets motivated by her game to do her homework right away that she gets home from her volleyball game. Castillo also mentioned that she tries her best in her games to do her homework right after.

These two students do not have a lot of trouble doing homework right after a game, but they would consider other students joining sports if they could handle all the work. Castillo stated, “I suggest it if they’re able to work well on their stress because you have practice, games, and then you have no issues and then you have homework and then you go to complete your homework to 100 percent.” If other students can not handle all the work then they should not join any sports. Also, if they have AP and Honors classes then it is harder for the student, which the student has to stay up really late to finish their homework. Both Castillo and Cruz mentioned that they made the right decision in joining a sport.

Remember, a sport and homework need to be handled very carefully in order to succeed in both of them.