90 Miles Cuban Cafe: The Forbidden Taste of Dinner

Front view of the patio. Photo credit: Paola Diaz

By Paola Diaz ’19


90 Miles Cuban Cafe is a family owned Cuban restaurant with very fancy, yet vintage decor, great staff members, and delicious food that will make you say “mmm”.

The cafe has the look of a tropical restaurant, with incredibly delicious Cuban food, staff members who are very educated, and bring your food on time. There are a lot of variety of dishes to choose from, from breakfast, lunch, and dinner. With food and drinks ranging from $2 to $33. Yes, the food is quite pricey, but it is totally worth it.

The Cafe is located in the corner of N Stave St. and W Armitage Ave.  making it easy to notice and is very eye catching with its colorful murals and outdoor patio. On the outside roof of the building, you will find a replica of a southernmost point in the continental USA which, in my opinion, is very interesting. When entering the cafe, you will find walls filled with black and white images, old newspapers, and colorful murals. When going in the afternoon for dinner, the cafe’s lights are dimly lit and a small candle is added in the middle of the table by staff members. There’s lights on the ceiling and cuban music playing in the background. This cafe is family friendly and perfect for eating with friends, and also appropriate for a romantic date.

The service was amazing. After about 10 minutes of ordering for 4 people, our food was already at our table. Even when the food was served perfectly, it looked delicious, like if they had spent hours cooking it. Our waiter would keep coming to our table to ask if everything was “ok” which was nice. He would also come back to tell us that our food was on its way. At one point, I ordered a flan and the waiter came back with a flan and a slice of Mocha cake. He told me he was sorry for not having coconut sprinkled on the flan, so he decided to give me a free cake slice, it was very nice of them.

Even if you have never tried Cuban food, you will love your first experience trying it. Ranging from empanadas to sandwiches to lechon and even picadillo. Having most of the menu consisting of pork, I personally really liked it. I decided to order bistec de palomilla which was a dish with a large piece of steak,black beans, white rice and fried bananas. The steak was amazing, it wasn’t too seasoned, it was perfect, and healthy at the same time. The beans didn’t have much flavor to them, but the rice on the other hand, was amazing, not too salty or too simple, the flavors were balanced. The shrimp empanadas were very good, with a crunchy shell but I wish they hadn’t been so watery in the inside. The food was not greasy at all which was a big win.

I have heard people complain about experiencing “service a bit slow” and staff being a “hit or miss” but I did not experience anything like that. I experienced the opposite, really fast service and were always walking around, willing to take anyone’s order.


  • 2540 W Armitage Ave.
  • Meals/drinks from $2-$33
  • Hours; Fri-Sat: 10a.m. to 11p.m.  and Sun-Thu: 10a.m. to 10p.m.
  • Phone Number 773-227-2822