8 Fit Workouts and Meal & Planner”: A helpful app to get in shape

8 Fit Workouts and Meal Planner home screen Photo Credit: Crystal Barrera

By Crystal Barrera ’20

The new year has just begun, and people are setting goals. The main goals being set are being fit and eating healthy, which can be hard to stay motivated in; however, the app “8 Fit Workouts and Meal Planner” is there to help you stay motivated.

This app is easy to set up and track down your workouts. This app also contains different workouts and meal suggestions.

Setting up the app is not hard because takes less than five minutes. To set up the app, there are going to be questions that one has to answer: “What is your goal?”,  “How much do you weigh,”, “Estimate your current body fat target”, and “What’s your body fat target?”. After answering the questions, you will all be set up and ready to start exercising and begin looking in healthy meals to eat.

When I began using the app, app is created in a way that makes it easy for the users to know how they are keeping track of their fitness journey. Because there is a place to keep track of your workouts, it helps me see how close I got to reaching my goals. My goal was to do 10 of each: push ups, burpees, sit ups, and jumping jacks all in a certain amount of time. I noticed that after every week, my time decreased, making me closer to reaching my goal. The workouts were only getting harder which helped me challenge myself and achieve my goal quicker.

The app  is separated into different categories of workouts, where they have tasks for you to complete and you can even work on specific parts of your body like arms, glutes, and core.

Suggestions are made for what types of meals you can make based off of what types of foods you eat, and they provide you with the recipes. They plan your meal for you, including breakfast, snacks, lunch, and dinner. Some examples can be pastas and light snacks like a yogurt parfait.

The app overall is extremely useful. You can do time intervals, which are exercises that go on for a couple of seconds at  a time that left me feeling sore. Using the app for a month definitely helped improve my ability to keep on pushing through and finish each exercise. The app was effective in that it helped me do better each time I tried to perform each exercise.

Some people say that they have not seen results or as they expected;however, it all depends on how much time one invests in it. The more time you spend on it, the faster the results will show.

  • Last update: January
  • 20 million worldwide users
  • Free, but you can add extra features by paying $60 for  12 months or $30 for 3 months