“7”: Uplifting dance and pop music with positive vibes

“7”: Uplifting dance and pop music with positive vibes Photo Credit: Grecia Avila

By Grecia Avila ’20

“7,” an album created by French DJ and producer David Guetta, was released on Sept. 14. This 27 track album was Guetta’s massive comeback from his last album “Listen,” which was in 2014. Guetta’s new album demonstrates new type of energy in his new album. He was able to show his album in a trendier and bolder view by adding new beats and collaborations with many different artists. He expands his music performance and, even after a long time of not releasing any music, came back with more elevated music structure.  

Guetta demonstrates a great number of pop collaborations with other artists like Nicki Minaj, Justin Bieber, and Sia, as well as rising stars like Madison Beer and Anne-Marie. Many of the songs on “7” have been released before the album and have won great titles and hit high ranks.

Most of his music goes in track with his original genre of Dance and Electronic. The first half of his track is more familiar music and beats known from his previous work. The second half is shown him exploring new types of musical culture and new forms of beats. Moreover, Guetta’s album shows a variety of songs that includes a mix about finding new love and forgetting old love. Also, he creates new songs about becoming a new person and forgetting his past.

Guetta is one of the most praised DJ’s known by his music and amazing performances around the world and now with his new music he was able to reach high ranks.

I would highly recommend this album to anyone that loves dance, pop, and electronic type of music as well as to those who enjoy any David Guetta. There were some songs that I did not enjoy from the album. The reason behind this is because some of the songs had weird lyrics that didn’t always match the beat. But overall, I believe Guetta came back with a great album and has a new view into his music career. This album is also available to you on iTunes, Spotify, and Youtube.

  • Year: 2018
  • Genre: Dance/Electronic
  • Songs: 27