Advice from alumni on choosing a college

Compiled by Alex Bahena ’19

It’s understandable and important to choose a school based on your financial status, but if you know that you are not going to be happy at that school were you are paying less, then choose a different one. Being happy and feeling like you fit in at the school you are choosing is very important because it’s what will motivate you to keep attending. It will also make your memories in college that much better. -Soco Romero (UIC)


Go away from home. You learn to be independent and you don’t rely on your parents. It may be hard at first to leave your family, but you adapt and your family is just a phone call away if you’re ever going through a tough time. -Maria Lopez (University of Iowa)


Choose whatever college is right for you. Don’t let anyone sway your choice. -Jovon Hernandez (University of Iowa)


My advice is to leave home if the cost permits. You learn so much about yourself from travelling and experiencing life outside of Chicago and even Hermosa. There is a whole world out there filled with people that you never met and cultures you haven’t even met before. Leaving Chicago for college is a good first step in expanding your views. -Luriel Ocampo (Tufts University)


To be honest with all Pritzker students I would recommend going into a community college first, due to the fact they do not have to suffer and pay so much out of pocket taking general courses. Once you’re done taking your general course then you can be able to transfer them into the university you desire and then pursue your major. College is a business and this is the most affordable way to go when you don’t have much scholarships or loans to help you pay off the school. -Hector Velazquez (Western Illinois University)


Get your gen eds out the way at a school that isn’t so expensive then if you can, transfer to the school you want. -Chris Soto (NEIU)


Know what you want and go after it no matter what people say. -Yessica Orduño-Marin (Pomona College)


Do some research when choosing which college you want to join. Don’t go to a college because of where your friends are going. You’re always going to meet new people no matter which college you choose. -Alexis Olivares (University of Wisconsin-Madison)


Go away for college. Don’t stay close to home. -Giselle Quezada

Choose a college where you feel the most comfortable at (with that said make sure you do college visits!). Don’t just choose a college because they have the best math department or best music professor or any of that; choose one that has the best opportunities to get yourself involved in what you want to do for the rest of your life. Research a lot about your colleges so that you can find things that interests you specifically. Always take opportunities to visit or take part of a program that a college has to offer because it will give you a sense of how things work and what to expect. Remember, you’re not just choosing where you want to go to class everyday; you’re choosing the first step into your professional career, so make sure you choose a college that you know YOU will get the most out of. -Martin Roman


Take the cheapest option. Many people end up dropping out because of financial difficulties. If you know you can’t pay it, don’t lie to yourself. -Jacqueline Luna


Visit the college! That’s going to be your home! Why move to and live in a place you hate? Make sure you feel comfortable and has what you want. Plus be open minded to opportunities. -Argenis Olanda (Connecticut College)
Try to get as many choices as possible and once you do, eliminate the ones that you know that are too easy and pick the hard ones until it comes down to just one. -Rosemberg Salgado