Girls’ Rugby defeats Noble Street by a touch game

By Sarahi Navarrete ’22 

On Saturday, Sept. 15 the Girls’ Rugby team faced Noble Street. The game started at 1 p.m. and ended at 2 p.m. It took place at ITW Speer Academy. The game was forfeited, but they still played a game of touch instead of playing a full-contact game.

The initial game was canceled because there were not enough girls to play for the Noble Street team. There were about ten girls and they needed fifteen girls to be on the field. Coach Jovon Hernandez said, “Instead of a full-contact game, we played a game of touch to allow their players to develop a little more.”  

Some of the Pritzker girls had to play for Noble Street — one of the girls being Alina Rodriguez, a sophomore. Rodriguez expressed, “I felt nervous because I was going against my team, but it was good to help out the girls from Noble Street.” Rodriguez did not know people on the team or the coaches. Facing her team with an unknown group of players was something new for her that took some getting used to. Despite the awkwardness of going against her own team, Rodriguez still tried her best with helping out the girls from Noble Street. The noble street team recently started to learn how to play rugby and they were also missing a lot of girls, which motivated Rodriguez to help them out. Coach Hernandez added that the Noble Street girls had only  practiced for one to two weeks when they went against Pritzker, which was slim to the amount of time Pritzker girls had spent practicing. Rodriguez said “They played good just for a one week practice I could say but they do need more practice for them to get better.” 

Rodriguez said “I think it was a great game because I learned a lot from the game and the girls from Noble Street also learn a lot from that one game.” Overall Rodriguez felt good about the game even though she played against her own team.

Furthermore, when they were playing Pritzker did scored a few times on the other girls but it didn’t count because they were just playing a game of touch. None of the teams officially won because they didn’t play a full-contact game but Pritzker won the game just because the girls on Noble Street didn’t have the number of girls that they needed in order to play.

The girls from Pritzker practice three to four days during the week from Monday through Thursday but they do not practice on Thursday if they have a game. 

So far the girls haven’t officially won a game because they only played a touch game not a full contact game so it didn’t count.  Their next game is going to be on Thursday Sep. 19 at 5:30 p.m. at Jackson Park and they are going to go against Johnson.