3-D’s Jerk Chicken: Jamaican Cuisine

A picture of the outside of the restaurant 3D's Jerk Chicken Restaurant. Photo Credit: Analisa Burgos

By Analisa Burgos ’18

3-D’s Jerk Chicken is a small restaurant that contains many different platters of Caribbean food. This is a mediocre restaurant. It wasn’t bad, but it wasn’t good either. The food was enjoyable, but the way they served it looked as if it was rushed, the customer service was very slow, and the restaurant was a little dirty.

Though I didn’t have the experience I hoped for, the food was decent. I ordered the Jerk Chicken and the Jerk Shrimp dinner specials. Along with these dinners came rice and red beans. When ordering these specials, you are also given the option to order yams or steamed cabbage with your order; they did not sound appealing to me, so I asked to leave it out. The chicken was cooked properly and had a perfect crunch on the outside while having a warm texture on the inside. The shrimp was also very delicious! The size and portion of the shrimp was definitely fulfilling. The rice tasted pretty bland, but  the red beans added a kick to it. I also got a Fanta with my order, which was very cheap.

When I opened the container to eat, I noticed that my food was poorly set up. It seemed as though they rushed it. When opening the container, it was rice and beans scattered everywhere. The meat was just plopped on top, which made it hard to get to the rice.

When I went to order my food, there weren’t many people, yet it still took me an hour to order my food and actually get it. The workers moved at their own pace and really didn’t seem like they enjoyed working. But they were very flexible with me when I wanted to take things out of my order.

The restaurant’s floor looked very dirty, like it hadn’t been swept or mopped for a while. Having the floor look like that made the appeal for the restaurant decrease immensely.

Similarly, one had felt that the customer service  and the preparation of the food were lacking.

If you are willing to try a new style of food, come here and get decent Jamaican food. The portion was worth the price! The customer service isn’t the best, but everyone’s experience is always different.

  • Mon-Sat 11a.m.- 10p.m.
  • Sun 12p.m.-6p.m.
  • 773- 637-6518
  • 5317 W North Ave.
  • $8-$15