Art club: You take control of your creativity

Artwork of some students from the Art Club (Clockwise starting left top corner) Israel Espinosa, Daniel Guzman, Isadora Cuevas, and Nallely Silva. Photo Credit: Jacqueline Martinez

By Isadora Cuevas ’18 and

Jacqueline Martinez ’18

Drawing is a relaxing hobby to relieve your stress. You don’t need to be perfect in your drawing skills. The Art club accepts members who are experienced and those who want to learn. The different techniques and styles of drawing is shading and painting with different types of paint brushes, anime, cartoons, graffiti,  and  real life people or things. This club can help young artists to develop their technique of drawing. They can express themselves in their own way as they desire too.

The members in this club are not experts or pros at all, they just want to improve on their drawing skills and techniques. Some members just want to come to an environment where they feel welcomed and be themselves. They want to have their own time on exploring their creativity and brainstorm on what to create next. The definition of art is a way to express yourself or  your imagination. It doesn’t have to be always a drawing. It could be used in music, literature, or dance. There is no correct or wrong way in art. As long as you put effort and emotion then it’s a meaningful piece of artwork.

You may think that Art has rules. In reality, you have your own freedom. You take control of the paper and pencil. You have the power to express yourself in any way you would like. Your artwork doesn’t have to include all the colors of the rainbow. Art comes in many different forms. There is no “perfect” masterpiece.  In terms of art, Creativity takes courage because you need to be confident on expressing yourself without feeling judged.

A piece of artwork tells a story behind the painter. It could be full of joy, depression, anger, etc. Every piece of art has a unique meaning. You may wonder well since there is no perfect masterpiece. Why are some artists are more “famous” than others? For instance Leonardo da Vinci, Picasso, Vincent Van Gogh, Michelangelo, etc.

These four different artists are much more famous than others because their art expressed how they feel and they have different ways of expressing their art. In one piece of artwork that is most famous today is the Mona Lisa by Leonardo da Vinci . The Mona Lisa was based on Francesco del Giocondo wife, Lisa Gherardini.

Basically the purpose of art club, is not to be the perfect artist or the weakest link. It means to express yourself in your own style and way. Whether it be shading, tracing, painting with different types of oil pastels, etc. It is your own freedom to express yourself, you can feel happy, sad, mad, irritated, etc. All you have to do is release all of your emotions into a piece of paper and draw away till you’re pleased with your work. It is a very good stress reliever because what other way to release all of your and thoughts through coloring and drawing.

The Art club meets in room 310 from 4-5:30p.m. The two peers that are in charge of the Art club is Magdalene Biernat, advisor and paraprofessional, and Gina Portelli, resource teacher and advisor. Portelli states, “to meet new people that they have not met before.” Biernat also mention her side of why art club is a good club to join, “The pros of this club is to develop yourself as an artist, and to learn more.”

The question that was asked is “Was Art an elective or a club?”, Biernat states, “Yes this club was an elective three years ago, but I wasn’t in charge at the time.” The main questions that was asked and that everyone wanted to know was “Why did you both decide to create this club?”, Portelli states, “I don’t know how to draw or anything like that, but I know Ms. Portelli is an expert and I came here to learn something new.” Biernat also states, “Well I’m an artist myself, and  helping with art club the first year and doing it again next year.”

Isabel Zavala, a sophomore and a member of the Art club,  states, “There isn’t really anything I dislike about art club, I like the free time and seeing other people’s kind of art.” However, she says “ I feel that art club is a great club, just very quiet. I would change the schedule a bit like to have a do now and to plan a mini lesson.”

Come and join art club, it is very pleasing and very relaxing. It’s a decision that you really don’t want to miss. Learn the different techniques and ways of drawing. Meet new people, come and get out of your comfort zone. Get out of that little bubble and express yourself in many ways your heart’s desire. Learn how different Artists got their inspirations and how the maintain to achieve that goal. Remember you don’t need to be an expert.