Cozy Corner: Hectic but definitely worth the wait

October 24, 2017

By Jocelyn Delgado’19 Cozy Corner is a family style restaurant that caters to all ages. Tons of families attend their cozy restaurant on a daily basis because they have satisfying food and attentive service. Cozy […]


Carrie Spitz becomes Pritzker’s new principal

October 23, 2017

By Alonso Flores ’20 As of this August, Carrie Spitz, former Assistant Principal, has taken over the role of Principal from Pablo Sierra due to a change in job positioning. This change is somewhat of […]


John Burge: New curriculum

October 17, 2017

By Barbara Garcia ’18 The John Burge is a new curriculum that was about an ex Chicago police commander who is looked down upon due to the injustice done under his watch. CPS is now […]


Jessica adjusting to her freshman year

October 12, 2017

By Laura Ocampo ’20 Freshman year can be very challenging because you are not usually use to the new environment. This is Jessica Rodriguez’s experience and how she is going through it. As soon as […]


Trip to China

October 10, 2017

By Zitlalith Cortes ’20 Pritzker students went on a trip this summer to China to  experience a new type of lifestyle and learn from the Chinese culture. As sophomore Jancarlos Berrios explained his experience, he […]


Is there a power in protest?

October 7, 2017

By Starr Lewis ’18 The power of protest is rooted in delivery and execution. To deliver a powerful message that makes a change to an issue, you should be loud and bold. The question is […]


The cost of sweetness

October 3, 2017

By Whitney Jani ’18 The new sweetened beverage tax in Cook County has taken its citizens for a whirl. This new tax has been implemented on soda, juices, energy drinks, coffees and teas. This tax […]


Get a Glimpse of Life with Kylie Jenner

October 3, 2017

By Chloee Toro ’18 If you thought Keeping Up with the Kardashians was a handful, wait until you throw yourself in Kylie’s life. Kylie’s new series, “Life of Kylie,” is all about relating to everybody […]


Noble Schools: Tough Discipline?

October 3, 2017

By Dania Herrera ’19 Many students consider attending a Noble school a regret. Like many other freshmen, demerits, detentions, and lasalles seem to be a problem because they’re adjusting to a new environment. Students are […]

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