2016 Presidential Race: It’s Time to Move Forward

By Starr Lewis ’18

It’s hard to move forward sometimes. Change is a difficult thing to overcome, but that never means it’s the end. We must remain a cohesive nation with all the dignity we have left. We must reflect on what it means to be citizens of the United States of America, to be the people of the United States. We must decide what happens next, and we must enforce the change that this country needs because we are the only hope that this country has left.

Donald Trump is our president elect, a “racist, narcissist, misogynist authoritarian” is the elect president of the United States. Call this election whatever you want but I have got to say this is revolutionary. Many may have concluded that the United States has failed us and there is no hope left, but in all reality this is just the beginning to something unexpected.

Indeed, we can sit and reminisce about how we ,as a country, have gotten to this point and how we elect someone like Donald Trump as our president. But really, what good would that do us? How will we move forward? How will America prosper from now to 4 years later? Well, I’ll tell you how; we vote and we recreate our vision as citizens. We vote because it is our right and if many complain that our country has chosen wrong, then from now on we encourage those who can vote to fill our government with whom we choose is fit. Over 96 million (41.8% to be exact) of eligible voters did not take part in the 2016 election, which makes a huge difference.

At this point, our conversations should be less about how to kick Trump out of office, resulting in a violent and not peaceful protest, to name and point fingers, to hate and discriminate but more about how to change what we can control and import hope . We are to remain the futuristic vision for ourselves, whether we can vote or not, for the youth and generations to come.

Ways we can stay active and influence change:

  • Community service at a ward office for the city of chicago or volunteering at a political campaign for local politicians
  • Donating to a organization of your choice that reflects any concerns or passions i.e MALDEF ( Mexican Legal Defense and Educational Fund), Planned Parenthood( lost access to primary health care, supports hormone therapy for transgenders),etc.