Zootopia: A household for animals

Zootopia: A household for animals

By Rosalia Lopez ‘18

Zootopia is another spectacular animation film created by the production of Walt Disney. Zootopia is an amazing PG animation movie to watch with family. One of the main casts includes Shakira, a Colombian singer, Ginnifer Goodwin, and Jason Bateman.

Zootopia is home to multiple different animals that have to live together in their own city: Zootopia. The plot of the movie is about a rabbit, Judy Hopps, who joins the city’s police force in Zootopia. When she obtains an opportunity to solve a mysterious case she has to work with fox, Nick Wilde.

Together they go on a journey to solve the mysterious case and Judy has to work with Nick, who is very difficult to work with because he make her work harder.

This movie has a lot of action, it’s funny, and it’s absolutely adorable like any other production of Walt Disney. I would recommend this movie because it is an incredibly fun movie  to watch with family or even friends and it brings back memories of when you were little and you use to go to the theater to watch other disney movies with your family. I would really encourage all of you to go out and enjoy this moment just  like when you were little.

  • 108 min
  • PG
  • Animation/Action