Women’s March takes place in the streets of Chicago

Women’s March takes place in the streets of Chicago

By Marlene Ocampo ’19

Many citizens and Pritzker students took the crowded streets of downtown to take part of  a Women’s March on Saturday, Jan 21, which was one out of many protests held here in Chicago, but there were also many across the country.

After the Inauguration of our 45th President, Donald Trump, on Friday, Jan 20th. The country was full of marches and protests to uphold different arguments such as LGBT rights, women’s right, and immigration.

As predicted, the streets were highly crowded with people who were willing to stand up and let their voices be heard. Senior Miriam Higareda was one of those voices.  She said,“What motivated me to go to the march was that I knew [….] I wasn’t going to be the only one fighting for what I believe to be right.” Indeed she definitely was not there alone.

Another Pritzker student who attended the Women’s march was Senior Marisol Ramos. Ramos was at the march for two hours with her cousins. When asked why she decided to attend the Women’s march, Ramos responded, ”I feel that women should have to decide whether they want to have an abortion or not,” and as Ramos puts it “A law shouldn’t decide because women should have control over their own bodies.”

“I felt really comfortable there. […..] I really enjoy chanting with them [crowd]” said Ramos. As she would chant, “This is what Democracy looks like” and also “Chicago what do you say?” as she replied, “We’re fighting for our rights today”.

The Women’s March wasn’t the only protest taking place that day. Higareda said, “There were other little marches there and we all ended up meeting at Trump tower.” Higareda also shared that she made a poster which spelled out TRUMP, which stood for Terrible, Racist,  Unacceptable, Mistake, and Please fix #2020.

With there being many controversies on the topic,  the President’s Inauguration definitely attracted people’s attention; therefore, women and men decided to take the streets to fight for the rights women deserve.