What’s the “matter” with Ms. Singh?!

Ms. Singh resting on a tree as she smiles toward the camera. (Photo credit: Ms. Singh)

By Miguel Cordero ’21

If you are a sophomore, you might know Neha Singh. However, do you really know her?  Do you know her struggles? Do you know her story? Well if you do not, then you will know now!

We start our story w1wdhen Singh finally got out of college. Singh was “nervous” because she was afraid to go into the educational field due to her not having a teacher’s license. This would go onto reflecting her future decisions into becoming a teacher.

When trying to figure out what to do for a job, Singh decided to go look for a new opportunity. Singh mentioned how she had a friend who was recruiting for Noble. This friend was promoting Noble on Facebook, according to Singh. Singh then proceeded to ask her friend if Noble was hiring and if Noble required a teaching license: the answer was no.

Because of Singh planning to work for Pritzker, she had to attend a group meeting with the Pritzker’s staff members. “I talked to a couple of schools and then I talked to our principal Ms.  Spitz, and she and I connected. And I [also] connected with Ms. Guy.” After meeting these people, Singh eventually got interviewed by them. The rest is history.

Since this is  Singh’s first-year teaching, it makes sense that she is especially attached to her class. Thus, Singh is happy for her class because she is glad “to see them move forward onto the next chapter of their life, which is Junior year, SAT, going onto Bio.” Singh clearly had many mixed emotions when approached by this question. This also brought up another question about the things she would change. One of these things is her paper management. “It’s very unique to every teacher, and I’m slowly starting to understand,” Singh added on.

Finally, things that Singh found easy as a first-year teacher were very specific. “Coming up with examples were super easy. Just because I have a huge content background. I can apply it to the real world.” However, not everything is as easy as it seems Singh specifically said. “The amount of grading that’s involved,” said in a concerned tone. Singh specified that she was concerned on the number of quizzes she would have to give. Singh would question herself if a quiz of hers was given just for a grade or to, as she calls it, “gain data.” Upon learning about this, she realized that she didn’t have to give out so many quizzes. Singh said that she could only give out around five quizzes and still gain the same amount of data as giving out 20 quizzes.

Overall, Singh’s care and preparation toward her students cannot be questioned. Singh goes the extra mile just to make sure that her students receive multiple benefits. This overall makes her an excellent first-year teacher.