What’s chirping about the Bird Box Challenge?

A basic representation of what this challenge is all about. Being blind is what this shows.

By Miguel Cordero ’21

“The Bird Box Challenge?!” “Why not blindfold ourselves and try this demanding challenge?!”

Ever since the infamous movie “Bird Box” emerged on Netflix on Dec. 21, many teenagers began the obscure “Bird Box Challenge.” This challenge involves you blindfolding yourself and attempting to do daily tasks. You blindfold yourself since the characters within “Bird Box” blindfolded themselves to conceal themselves from the monster that was causing mayhem.

Sophomore Kelvin Dominguez had mentioned that he “saw many people on Snapchat posting funny videos about it.” Afterward, with the biggest smile on his face, Dominguez goes on to also say that the “Bird Box Challenge is a fun challenge as a whole since it’s just funny to look at.”

While many people may say that this point of view comes from the immaturity of younger ones, Jared Rivera, a junior, had this to say: “I mean, if people enjoy doing this, I don’t blame [them]. It’s just something that you like or don’t.” Rivera then goes on to say that his little brother has also attempted this challenge but in a safe environment.

“I think that challenges like these are some that are just dumb. You are basically asking yourself to get hurt.”

So should people be worried about this obscure challenge? Here is what Dominguez, Ramirez, and Rivera had to say.

“I think that people shouldn’t really be worried as long as an adult is watching whatever is happening during that time,” Rivera said. Rivera also added that he understands that there have been certain negative consequences behind this challenge, but if one is being supervised, you should be fine.

“This challenge as a whole is just really weird in my own opinion. I just find it funny that people are actually trying to do this instead of actually watching the movie,” Dominguez exclaimed with a burst of laughter.

For Ramirez, he claimed that this challenge should be taken seriously since many teenagers are harming themselves due to this challenge. “My question is why are people up to do this after looking at all the consequences that are happening,” Ramirez explained.

Upon listening to these opinions, a few believe that this challenge is an actual issue. It all depends on how far you take this to. For example, if you are just trying to get around the house with a blindfold on, it can be seen as safe. However, if you attempt to drive a car with a blindfold, then that is just asking for disaster.

This all leads back to personal preference. If you are aware of what can happen, then go for it! Will you be chirping with the birds, or will you be silent as an insect?! You decide!