What does 2020 mean to sophomores?

The thought of graduating is fantastic!

By Mariah Villanueva ’20

The current sophomores, class of 2020, have about two more  years left until graduation.  Time will go by fast and soon the sophomores will become seniors. Graduating high school is a satisfying accomplishment. All sophomores have mixed feelings, whether to feel happy , sad, excited, mad,  or relieved.

A sophomore, Bianca Rodriguez, explained, “I feel happy because 2020 is graduation and shows our end goal and it is symmetrical looking.” Furthermore, Rodriguez mentions that she will want to have a successful time in college. Some sophomores  feel relieved because high school going to be over.

When the sophomores end their senior year, they will cross the stage, receive their diploma, and know that their hard work pays off. Sophomores will remember that Pritzker pushed them above and beyond to succeed in school. Bionda Zepeda, a sophomore, explained how she is patiently waiting for 2020. Additionally, she stated, “I want to show my family that I focused on my education.”  Zepeda can relate to Rodriguez, that she feels happy because she made it through all four years at Pritzker. Zepeda has her family as her number one motivation. Zepeda not only wants to graduate high school, but also attend college as well. When the current sophomores graduate high school, it will feel as if a weight has been lifted off their shoulders.

Adding on,  sophomore Cristal Zenon explained her thoughts on 2020, “ I feel excited to end high school because I have my whole life ahead of me.” Zenon noted that she  just wants to try and explore the world around her, that is why she is so excited for 2020.

Additionally, sophomore  Lizette Tellez explained how she feels “kind of sad because when we graduate and then everyone separates.”  Tellez feels that time goes by too fast. Tellez noted she just wants to remember the important moments in life.

When students are thinking about their future, it comes with some mixed emotions. There are students that just feel so happy  while there are others who feel sad about high school ending.

Conquering high school is the biggest step before college comes. There are students who are looking forward to going to college while some students think everything is happening so fast.

2020  will be life changing because the students are progressing into young adults. There has been so much that the students have learned at Pritzker College Prep. These students are on the road to success. Therefore life in general is just life changing.