UIC Flames Annihilated by the Lady Jaguars

Varsity player Keyla Romero controlling the ball as her opponent approaches her during the third game of the season against Bulls Prep. PC: Ms. Espinoza

By Perla Flores ’19

The Girls’ Varsity soccer team destroyed the UIC Flames in a match that ended 16-0 in favor of the Jaguars on March 16 at Speer Academy field. It was a sunny saturday morning, great for a soccer game and a win. The ladies soccer team has been training and preparing for the season for weeks. So far this season, they have played three games and won all of them with majority of points.

Game three of the season began at 11 a.m. sharp. The referees whistle blew and the ball rolled. The game was on and great effort was shown, the girls running up and down the field for the ball. They attempted to make goals and assisted each other. The lady jaguars took a corner kick and sent the ball flying into the air. UIC ladies seem like they could not get a hold of the ball for more than ten seconds. Some supporters on the bench rooted for their teams.

The first half ended with 9-0 in favor of the lady Jaguars from a variety of players. The game was very intense and it was noticeable that everyone was putting great effort into the game. During half time, the players huddled together and talked about techniques and things to improve on. Quickly, the whistle blew beginning the second half.

The players seemed a little more exhausted at this point, but they still kept playing and scoring. With goals from several student athletes like senior Keyla Romero, who scored three goals during this game. In the blink of an eye, the time was almost up and the lady Jaguars were definitely taking the win on this one 16 to 0.

When asked about the game, Romero explained, “The game was not challenging. I think it went well. Although there were things that we needed to fix, we played a great game.” Overall, this season has been very good. The team has won every game played so far and the effort clearly reflects on the field. Romero explained something they could improve on as a team would be spreading out more on the field to cover the opponents. Although some mistakes have already been changed, Romero stated, “[We] played much better this game than the last one.  Of course everyone makes mistakes as an individual and as a team. This team has learned their struggles and fixed them to perform better.” This is an example of a good team.

In Romero’s concluding words she stated, “The girls soccer team is very good at working as a team. We play as a team. We win as a team. We pick eachother up whenever someone is down.” Romero left us with some very encouraging and powerful words. A lot of the team’s success revolves around the fact that they are a family. Lastly, Romero hopes to end the season strong as this is her last year at Pritzker.