The struggles of dealing with a packed locker

The struggles of dealing with a packed locker

By Michelle Cruz ’20

Many people can agree that the lockers at Pritzker are pretty small. Especially when the weather starts to get colder and you have to put your jacket and your winter boots in your locker. It is important to remember to not get discouraged by having a small locker. Bringing a jacket that protects from the treacherous cold weather is extremely important.

Some students like Ashley Baca and Stephany Resendiz, both juniors, agree that the lockers at school can get packed with all of their belongings.

Resendiz had said that she would definitely bring her boots to change out of if there was more room for her things. However, she keeps her locker from being too packed by not having a big jacket.

Nowadays, there are companies that do make thin like jackets that can keep you warm during the frigid weather.

Baca gave some tips on how she is able to make some space in her locker when she has to bring her jacket. Baca stated, “Put the jacket inside your book bag. [The] boots can be put in a bag and inside your book bag [as well] to not wet [the inside of] your book bag.”

Jared Cerda, a junior, explained how he keeps his locker from being too packed: “I would have to make the entire left side of my locker just for my jacket.”

Being able to have an organized locker might help some students from being overwhelmed with their packed locker-some probably do not relate to this.