The mighty Luna twins

Dania Luna and Jocelin Luna working out during soccer conditioning. Photo credit: Diana Gomez

By Jocelyn Delgado ’19, Paola Diaz ’19, and Diana Gomez ’19

After 7 hours of working hard in school, then having to do homework for the rest of the day, most students would want to go home and relax, but not these girls. “Who are these girls,” some students may ask?

Here are a few hints: they participate in many activities, alway have smiles on their faces, and try their hardest on everything they do. They are also twins!

They are sophomores, Dania and Jocelin Luna.

After being in honors classes, staying for office hours, and participating in many clubs and sports, including the Pritzker Varsity Soccer team, they are always busy and have lots of homework, but they are always in a positive mood.  Some people may be wondering, how do these girls find the time to do their schoolwork, or even have a social life? The Luna twins are  only in their sophomore year, but they seem to have their life plans  all figured out.

This semester, the Lunas are conditioning for soccer. Amanda Meyers, their soccer coach,  reached out to the girls in November before conditioning even started, to prepare them for the actual conditioning by getting them in shape and teaching them the drills. According to Meyers, “they know to prioritize, so they know that grades come first and before sports.” Meyers adds on by saying, “ I think that it’s really great that they have that balance between hard work for school, and hard work for sports.”

When conditioning, the girls have to run around the school. Throughout the whole warm-up, Jocelin and Dania are always there supporting the other girls. One Luna stays in front, leading the girls while they run, and the other Luna stays in the back running with the girls that are behind. Regardless of where they are put, the Lunas are always encouraging the people around them to do better. If they see someone slacking off  or needing a little push, they say, “come on, I know you can do it,” and “don’t stop now, push yourself.” When they say these inspirational phrases, the girls that are conditioning are usually more confident and will push themselves to do better.

Dania says that they weren’t always so good at balancing things out. “I know my sister and I didn’t balance out our first semester, but we know what comes first.” Jocelin says that they always do their homework first. Over the weekend, they have sports, so sometimes they wait until Sunday to finish. “It’s bad, but we finish it,” Jocelin adds.

Meyers, who is close to the girls, says that the girls are very determined and very focused. “As long as they pick something that they are very passionate about and that they want to do, they’re going to succeed. There’s no doubt in my mind.” Sophomore Annette Pabello, who is a friend of Dania and Jocelin’s, says that, outside of school, the twins are very fun to be around. The twins always make you laugh and will always have your back no matter what.

Dania and Jocelin both agree that they are close, and that they love being a twin. Dania says that if she were to start her life over, she’d still do it with Jocelin.  Jocelin says, “Sometimes I do wonder how different it would be if Dania was a boy twin; however, I always come to the conclusion that I wouldn’t be the person that I am today without her.”

Even when they argue a lot around their friends, they are always there for each other. Dania says, “Many people have seen us argue, but we know that we aren’t doing it to hurt anyone.  Jocelin adds on by saying that she was “born with an instant best friend. We have grown to be partners in crime. There are times I don’t enjoy it because we argue, but all siblings argue.” Jocelin also mentioned, “We tell each other stuff that we normally don’t tell other people, but I consider us close.”

The girls are always around each other, so they’ve made a lot of memories together. Jocelin shares her favorite memory with her sister by saying, “well, recently, my favorite memory is when during a soccer game, when I got hurt but then [Dania] ran towards me and helped me up and told me that it’ll be okay, that to give our best because we were losing and then we tied our game, and we won.” Dania says her favorite memory was during their soccer game, “our coach put us in opposite teams, and my sister and I switched positions, and nobody ever noticed, but they kept calling us different names.”

Stereotypes are made all the time about different people or religions. One very specific and common area where people make the most stereotypes is on twins. Dania shares that she has grown so accustomed to stereotypes that when someone comes up to her and asks something about being a twin, she right away answers with a “no,” without having the hear the full question.

A stereotype that most people say is twins finish each other’s sentences. According to the Lunas, they don’t usually finish each other’s sentences. Jocelin and Dania both agree that they fit into some categories of stereotypes because they know each other so well, so they know beforehand what one twin might say or act.   

Another stereotype is that there is an evil twin, and there is a nice twin. Jocelin and Dania say that, that isn’t the case for them. “ Back then I [would] agree with the statement that there’s an evil twin and a nice twin, but now we actually switch it off between each other, considering our behavior.” says Dania.

Despite the Lunas’ similarities and differences, at the end of the day, these girls are just like any other person trying to finish high school. Jocelin says, “In general, being a twin or not, every individual is unique” when asked if she’s like her sister.  

Dania Luna and Jocelin Luna workout during soccer conditioning.