The Jaguars’ effortless win against Baker

By Alexis Vallejo ’22

On Feb. 18, Pritzker College Prep got at it against Baker College Prep at the Pritzker Gym, which the Jaguars took the win by a score of 62-40.

The Jaguars were capable of taking the lead throughout the whole entire game. The game got intense as both teams began to score more points. During the first quarter, the Jaguars were taking the lead by a few points. 

“We started off right, by taking the lead,” said Sincere Smith, a sophomore in the Jaguars’ boys Varsity basketball team. After Baker scored first, the Jaguars came back with multiple points. Being above the other team in points was an advantage for the Jaguars.

Smith had a total of 10 points that game, which helped them remain dominant throughout the first half with him scoring 6 points. The game began to intensify as Baker started committing multiple fouls. Even though fouls were made, both teams had a substantial amount of sportsmanship. When a player fell, the other team helped pick them up. They were all supportive towards each other throughout. There was an incident where a player from Baker got injured, and, as the player walked to the bench, the Jaguars, including the crowd, clapped for him, showing great sportsmanship towards the other team.

As the second half began, the Jaguars were discussing what they needed to do to keep on having the lead and eventually win the game. 

Jaylen Suarez, a sophomore in the Jaguars Varsity basketball team, mentioned how the team made sure they didn’t celebrate early or else it would distract them from keeping the win. When they finished planning, the Jaguars came into the court with great confidence. 

The Jaguars were playing defense for the most part, but they were also going up on offense when they had opportunities. For every four points Pritzker made, Baker made only one. Baker wasn’t able to take the lead- not even by one point. Going onto the next quarter, the Jaguars made an incredible amount of points to stay ahead. The Jaguars made multiple 3 pointers, which helped them secure the win. The Jaguars kept their word that they will make sure they walk out with a win, and they walked out with a score of 62-40.

“They were playing really well from the beginning to the end. They showed great skill,” commented Daniel Herrera, a sophomore who attended the game. The Jaguars kept high energy throughout the entire game. The coach was consistently making substitutions to not get the players tired.

“We are planning to work harder and make sure this isn’t our last win of the season,” said Suarez. The Jaguars next game is on Feb. 27 against Speer Academy at the Speer Gym.