The Girls’ JV Volleyball team is back

By Kayla LaSalle ’21

The Girls’ Volleyball season started after tryouts on August 16. Girls’ JV Volleyball has made its way back for the season. It has been two years since Pritzker had a Girls’ JV Volleyball team.

Jarissa Mirabal Paredes, a junior who has been on the volleyball team since her freshman year stated, “Maribel Caguana, [once a Pritzker staff member] was the Girls’ JV Volleyball coach my freshman year.” Paredes explained that Caguana only stood for a year and left due to college. Paredes also said there were 12 girls and six of them are in the varsity team this year (Sevannah Lazuz, Jarissa Maribel Paredes, Emily Gonzalez, Jailene Rivera, Felicity Castillo, and Monserrat Leon). 

The previous JV team would have practices with Varsity, just as the new team does. They also went to the playoffs and lost their first game against Muchin College Prep. Tamika Robinson, a PE teacher, previously played volleyball during her high school career. Robinson was asked preseason to take on the position as new JV coach and she accepted the position.

Based on JV’s first two games statistics, they need to work more on their communication and back row hits. During practice, the girls have been working on praising the good work one another does and they have been focusing on back-row hitting. 

Megan Shein, assistant volleyball coach, expresses excitement about having a JV team this year. She believes this is an opportunity for more girls to be on the team and prepare for being on Varsity as “superstars” later on. Shein also states this is an opportunity for Varsity players to pick up on the role and characteristics of being a leader. Shein expresses her belief that “JV sometimes builds [Varsity’s] skills and sometimes beats them. It is a good way for them to get a mental check. ” Shein believes having a JV helps Varsity with ways to improve. Angelina Serna, a sophomore who plays Swing and JV captain stated, “I like the fact that we have a JV team this year because it gives girls who want to play a chance instead of not being on the team, where they can’t play.” 

Serna stated, “We get in our heads too much, or nobody goes for the ball. These are challenges we work on at practice so that when we have games on weekdays, we can show off what skills we’ve developed during practice.” In contrast, Serna stated, “We are and we have some strong girls on the team, we put in our best effort we can as a team.” Serna explains that “the girls do not let one another fall apart or else it would cause bad energy towards our team, so we motivate and energize one another.” From what Serna has observed, Varsity seems happy with the girls on JV this year; everybody socializes and some people are very close to one another. Serna also sees Varsity help JV girls and other JV girls help each other.