Summer of a Lifetime Celebration: Recognizing the juniors

Summer of a Lifetime Celebration: Recognizing the juniors

By Andrea Fajardo ’21

The Summer of a Lifetime Celebration came once again oj Oct. first, to celebrate the junior alumni. Over the summer of 2019, 41 current juniors were given the opportunity to attend a university. The juniors had different experiences and faced several challenges. A variety of juniors had to present to parents, peers, and sophomores who will potentially do Summer of Lifetime (SOL) this upcoming year.

Many of the juniors had certain jobs to do at the meeting. Most of them had to be in charge of the food so all families were able to get enough food. Due to time management, not all 41 juniors were able to present their experiences.

Junior Jennifer Arroyo went to Indiana State University. Arroyo talked about the cost of the trip, what classes she took, what she did besides going to school, and she also talked about meeting new people.  Furthermore, Arroyo added, “At first, I was kinda nervous because I was speaking to a large group,”which included both parents and students.

Junior Helen Delgado presented after Arroyo, and she went to Harvard University. Delgado learned that “College is all about independence, no one else really got you, and I didn’t have my parents to count on like I always do.” Despite being alone, Delgado enjoyed learning about economics and time management. 

Even though junior David Mondragon was only one of the few in charge of catering, he still managed to be part of the experience. 

Nevertheless, this college experience is added to the students’ transcripts for colleges to see that these students have had a college-like experience. The classes students took were based on their career interest. Through their experiences, students  were able to see if they actually enjoyed their career interest(s).  

Due to this opportunity, college views changed for certain students such as junior Emily Gonzalez. Gonzalez stated, “College opened my eyes on what college really offers and how it would be like.” Junior year largely impacts the colleges that students can apply to. During their junior year, students take the Scholastic Aptitude Test  (SAT), which is looked at by colleges.

Even if only 41 juniors were able to participate last year, current sophomores have the opportunity to apply for the upcoming summer. Normally, College counselor Ashley McCaw sends invitations to certain students who “get recommended by teachers” and “have top grades in the whole class.”

Arroyo ended with  advice for the sophomores that are doing SOL during the summer. Arroyo stated, “Make friends! It is one of the best parts, and definitely try to keep in contact with them!”