Students take Russian trip

University of Pittsburgh is one of the universities involved in the summer Russian program.


By Sylvestre Gonzalez ’17 and Esmeralda Rodriguez ’16

The Russian program is an opportunity where you get to experience a new language, culture, and get to improve your Russian speaking skills. It’s a new atmosphere different than other. One should consider applying to any of the Russian Programs  whether it is in the University of Pittsburgh or In the University of Wisconsin Madison. It is encouraged to any juniors who take Russian class to take advantage of this opportunity.  

Learning a new language other than the one you are used to speaking is a great advantage. It is a great life experience away from home. It takes a lot of hard work, dedication, and responsibility. According to senior Melyza Medida,  one of the students who attended the Russian Program,  “This program gave me a better insight of the Russian Language and Culture”. According to Melyza, it’s better to get to experience it than just learning it in a class.  If you attend a Russian Program, you will experience college life and you are responsible for the decisions you make, how to use your time wisely, and how to handle things without your parents telling you what to do.  One good piece of advice one of the students who attended mentioned was,  “Take advantage of any opportunity given what you put in it that’s what you will get out of it

This program is known as a STARTALK program, it is a great opportunity for Pritzker students to get to live as college students for four weeks and speak Russian and do different Russian Activities. As Nelson stated, ”The application requires students to be dedicated, do well in class, and be mature students.” This opportunity can be a only one time experience and is totally free.

Juniors, should consider this Russian program. According to  Nelson, she pointed out that, “ Pritzker is a very unique school for offering Russian as a foreign language.” Many other schools are not learning Russian and this benefits Pritzker students because they have more great opportunities with many universities.