Struggles of siblings having to go to the same school

Struggles of siblings having to go to the same school

Do you ever wonder what it is like to have a sibling that goes to the same school? Is it annoying? Or amazing? Or both? Well, seniors Monserrat Leon and Alexa Martinez have very similar thoughts about going to the same school as their siblings.

Leon has a brother named David Leon, a freshman. He is trying out for Rugby and workouts after school. Not only is he involved in school but so is Montserrat. David is a Soccer player at Pritzker. When David has practice, meetings, or games, “[he] don’t ask [his] brother to stay with [him] because [he] might stay later than 5, and it will be late for him to stay in school.”

Monserrat doesn’t really care about going to the same school as her sibling because it does not really affect her.  If Leon or her brother stay, neither her or her brother change their plans. If Leon has to stay for practice, her brother would still go home and not stay if not needed to. Leon states that even though they do not wait for each other, “they check on each other” by either a text if one is home or a call. However, Leon’s timing has changed. Leon stated, “Both of us now have to get here early in order for him to not get to school late since he’s a freshman.”

Martinez has two siblings in the school. Martinez has a sister named Everling Martinez, a junior, and a sister named Devani Martinez, a sophomore. Martinez and her sisters are not involved in clubs or sports. Different from the Leon siblings, Martinez waits for her siblings to go home together. Martinez states that when one of her siblings has AIP or office hours to attend, Martinez waits for her sister either by going to office hours, study hall, or Dunkin Donuts. Martinez states that she doesn’t mind it because when she has to stay, her sisters wait as well. 

Another thing that Leon and Martinez share differently is transportation. Because Leon and her brother take the CTA bus, they try to take the bus as soon as they can because they want to go home as soon as possible. However, Martinez and her sisters have a ride home. Martinez stated, “Because I have a ride home, me and my sisters do not really worry about what time we leave school because we leave together.”

Although Leon and Martinez go to the same school as their siblings, it was not intended for their siblings to go to the same school as their sister. Leon stated, “When my brother was in 8th grade, he was not going to come to Pritzker because of the distance and how challenging it is.” Similarly, Martinez stated, “My sisters did not want to come to school because they thought it was going to be hard. Also, my sisters wanted to go to a public school near our house.” 

Even though both siblings did not want to go to the same school, both families had agreed to have the siblings go to the same school since it is more convenient timing and safety-wise.