Special night for the seniors: Senior Dinner 2015

Special night for the seniors: Senior Dinner 2015

By Jeremy Diaz ’18 and Oscar Noyola ’18

On Thursday, May 14, staff and students arranged the cafeteria for the most important dinner: the annual senior dinner.

The dinner started with an opening speech from senior Johnny Lorenzana. He mentioned and thanked the teachers that helped him out during his years at Pritzker and made some jokes during his speech.

Nick Rivera and Ivan Rodriguez were the MC’s– people who host an event– and planned everything with a week and a half’s notice.

After the opening speech and dinner,  the MC’s began the award ceremony for the top ten students. Each student was given an award from a certain teacher. Kayla Enriquez received the first award from College Counselor Sarah Kruger. Each student received an award for different reasons, ranging from community service to Russian.

During all this, Rivera and Rodriguez were cracking hilarious jokes and even giving updates on the Bulls basketball game that occurred during the dinner.

When Rodriguez was introducing Mark Rychlik, Physical Education instructor, for the sports award, he said very nice things about him, to which Rivera had said he was “kissing up so he can get the award,” and people laughed right afterward.

Soon after the ten students were given their awards, Senior Jocelyn Vasquez gave the closing speech. During her speech, she mentioned the memories she and her classmates shared throughout their years at Pritzker.

“I knew I wanted to put a message in it, but I also wanted to give a big thanks to people,” said Vasquez.

“The [biggest] complication we had was just having the most appropriate jokes for the teachers so we can not get demerits,” said Rivera. Both Rivera and Rodriguez felt amazing about the dinner and wanted it to be successful.

At the end of the dinner, Rivera and Rodriguez thanked everyone for coming, to which Rivera said, “You don’t have to go home, but you can’t stay here.”