Sophomores take trips to college

Sophomores visiting Beloit. Photo credit: Nicole Amato

By Aixa Figueroa ’18 and

Ariana Lopez ’18

On May third, the Pritzker sophomore class took trips to various colleges, including Beloit, Carthage, Illinois State University, North Central, University of Chicago, and Holy Cross.

Sophomores were arranged to go to colleges according to where they fit most based on class rank.. This trip was mainly set up to allow students to get a college-feel and start to build up knowledge in what they want to look for in colleges or what they want to possibly major in.

Sophomore Literature teacher, Nicole Amato expressed that college  is a place to personalize your education. It is a place to explore your interests and passions in life.  Similarly, sophomore Literature teacher, Stephanie Kozofsky, stated “I think college trips are important because it gives high school students a chance to see college life and can motivate students to want to go to college who might have felt unsure about it in the past.”

Carina Arceo, who went to Beloit, said that her college visit made her feel like she “know a bit more about the school and how my junior and senior year will be looking [like].” Arceo also stated that the trip allowed her to realize how close she is to becoming a college student. Arceo was not the only one who felt this way. Brianna Chagola, who attended Carthage, said that the college visit opened her up to the struggle of the “transition” that becoming a freshman in college will look like. While academics, sports, or extracurricular activities were the major focuses of the trip Amato stated, “Students often forget about this because they think so much about the dorms and the food”.

Some students, contrary from Arceo and Chagola, felt really confident about going into college. Enrique Delgado said that once he stepped on the University of Chicago campus, he felt as if “he already saw [himself] going to college.”  Freshman Environmental Science teacher, Chris Duncan, stated “I think one of the most important things about the college trips is when you get to see the actual standards.” Duncan went on to explain this can act as a “wake up call for students” for students who may want to do better for next year.

Despite the hassle that the trip might have seemed to some of the students-and the teachers- many students got great advice and experiences out of the trip. Duncan expressed how exposure, responsibility and freedom [among other things]  were  vital to the college trips that took place. Duncan, who attended Valparaiso college in Indiana, stated “I really liked that most of the buildings […] were very new and clean.”  

While most students would have liked to stay home, student attendance was mandatory as the day counted as a school day.  Amato stated, Student attendance was “rightfully” mandatory. “It helped students figure out what questions to ask”. Amato believes being on a college campus helps students determine what they are looking for when applying to colleges. In relation Kozofsky stated, “A college visit is vital to student’s understanding of what college will be like.” Even though college seems to be an “abstract place”, as described by Amato, it is never too late to know what you want in life and the steps you need to take to get there.