Sophomores receive opportunity to make SOL money

Flyer of Noble's annual Taste of College Summer of a Lifetime event. Photo Credit: Emily Gonzalez

By Emily Gonzalez ’21

Because of Jill Kohlberg – the Noble Network’s head coordinator – Ashley McCaw, College Counselor and Summer of a Lifetime (SOL) Coordinator, was able to offer SOL sophomores the opportunity to sell raffle tickets, from Wed. March 6 to Thurs. March 21,  for the chance to win a raffle that will go towards their summer academic trip.

McCaw explained that the annual event, Taste of College, is presented to all Noble schools by the Noble Network to specifically “help fundraise and make money for SOL students.” Additionally, McCaw explained that because Pritzker is not the only Noble school that offers SOL, part of the money that is collectively raised by all the Noble schools goes back to fund the SOL program.

The goal was to offer an opportunity for “students to sell [raffle tickets] and whatever amount of money […] they raise […] will be taken off from their family contribution,” as McCaw explained. Here’s how that works. When a student applies to a summer program through SOL, majority of the time there is a tuition fee – if the student is granted financial aid, then that depletes the amount of money coming out of their pocket, but usually not all of it – and Pritzker has a certain SOL budget that helps students pay for their trip expenses, but not everyone’s can be paid fully. So this raffle allows students to make money that would directly benefit them while still giving them the opportunity to win a portion of the grand prize, but not everyone took advantage of this opportunity.

McCaw explained that only “13 out of the 43 SOL students turned in tickets.” Sophomore Isis Gonzalez explained, “I did not sell raffle tickets [because] I never found the time to do so.” This also seemed to have been a hurdle for sophomore George Quinonez as he stated, “I did not get the chance to sell any tickets […] because I was too busy […] [since] I was focused on many other things outside of school.”

Meanwhile, sophomore Helen Delgado was able to sell two tickets as she explained, “I decided to sell them because the money I earned […] [would] be put towards my family’s contribution.”

McCaw mentioned that there might have been a lack of participation because when she announced the raffle tickets it was quite unclear that the money the students raised would directly reduce their bill. Now knowing this, Gonzalez explained, “Knowing I did not sell any tickets at all […] feels like more weight on my family […] because it could’ve been less money to worry about.”

Delgado explained, “I think the system can be improved by having an in-person meeting instead of emailing [the students] because [that] made it more confusing.”

Sophomore Faith Campuzano was the student who sold the most raffle tickets and collected $190. Following Campuzano, sophomore Emily Gonzalez collected $160, and sophomore Stephanie Perez collected $125. Collectively, the sophomore SOL students made a total of $910.  In regards to the raffle, the first place winner would receive 50%, the second place winner would receive 25%, and the third place winner would receive 15% of the total money that was collected.