Sophomores on their road to success

Michael Barcenas (left) and Julio Acevedo (right).

By Briana Jimenez  ’18

Semester one just wrapped up a few weeks ago. Semester one, for most, is still an adjustment period as people adjust not only to their new grades but new classes.

For sophomores, semester one was a transition because of the new and more rigorous classes that were being introduced to them. For example, AP World History. Semester one for some included learning more rigorous content but adjusting to learning a large amount of content in a short period of time. This is due to taking harder classes such as AP classes that need a lot of commitment to be prepared for the exams in May.

Beyond that, semester one consisted of one of the most exciting things: not being a freshman anymore. Let’s face it, nobody liked being a freshman.

However, new things await. Semester two is two semesters away from being a freshman. Semester two for sophomores is four semesters away from graduating Pritzker and being on the way to college. Semester two is also new beginnings and a fresh start. Regardless of how hard it was to adjust to being a sophomore, semester two consists of better judgment as everyone is already adjusted to the circumstances.

Now, let’s get some insight from a few sophomores on how semester one went for them and how semester two is going for them so far:

Michael  Barcenas, a sophomore, explained how he thinks semester one went well for him although he thinks he did not strive in all his classes. Furthermore, he stated, “Semester two will be different for me because I am going to try harder and actually study for quizzes and tests. I will also do extra credit throughout the semester.” Barcenas also expressed his goals this year, “My goal this year is to be on high honor roll… because I want to have a higher GPA.” Barcenas explained how he wants to do this “because if not, this will later affect me when I have to apply for colleges.”

Furthermore, sophomore Julio Acevedo explained his semester two goals, “My semester two goals is to bring up my GPA higher than last semesters, earning less tardy class demerits, and earning merits for going beyond the homework expectations. These are my goals because I couldn’t accomplish them last year.” Beyond that, he reflected on his semester one, “My semester one went okay, not the best because I earned a lot of LaSalles and got to school late.”

Semester two looks like a chance to get right back on their feet. Another opportunity, yet one that needs to be spent done wisely to end the year strong.