Smartwatches should be worn in school

By Jonathan Orihuela ’20

Smartwatches should be allowed to be worn in school because the main purpose of them is to track your activity throughout the day and even help children with disabilities.

Fitbits, in particular, should be worn because it does not reach Bluetooth from a range of 70-100 feet wide. Moreover, you are not allowed to call or text anyone because the technology in those watches is not that advanced yet. With the Versa 2, which just came out not that long ago, you can only use voice reply if the app is open on your phone or if you are near it. 


I believe that the Fitbits, no matter which one, should be allowed to be worn in school because they are not as advanced as Apple watches. With the Fitbits, you are able to do quick replies while in Apple watches, you are allowed to call and text if it is connected to your phone.  

Moreover, Fitbits main role is to make sure that a person is able to maintain a healthy lifestyle. For example, you are able to track your sleep, set up alarms to make sure you do not oversleep (because too much sleep is bad), get notifications to stay active, and even create daily habits to ensure a good night sleep. 

Watches should be allowed in school

There should not be a reason for a student to get in trouble for wanting to wear a Fitbit since it can not really do much.  Students should have the chance to be able to track their activities during their physical education class or during a sport. In the student code of conduct, it says “Visible, audible, or used cell phone, smartwatches, or other electronic devices during school hours without staff permission.” With that being said, students should not be getting demerits right away for having a watch. The teacher should talk with the student before issuing demerits.

Another reason why smartwatches should be allowed is that it can help people with disabilities in several ways. One example can be how watches help people with “self-regulation.” Watches are a source for teenagers to release stress, especially during school hours because of all the work that one puts in during the day. Another example can be how the watches can help teenagers that struggle to understand something in class and are having problems calculating something. Students should get the opportunity to get that extra help. Who would want to see a person struggle at a young age? Not me.

I believe that students should get the help they can because their mind is not fully developed to be independent. Self-efficacy is something that almost every student might go through because it can “discourage growth and skill development”. Plus, if students see that they keep struggling on a daily basis, they are not going to have the motivation to keep going. 

Teachers shouldn’t be allowed to wear smartwatches

I personally believe that teachers should not be allowed to wear smartwatches in class because we as students are also not allowed to. It would not be fair for a teacher to use something when we can not use. Not only that but, teachers are also allowed to use their phones during class. What is their consequence when their phone rings during class or if they are using it? Nothing. 

The school should be showing equality to both the teachers and students. I find it fair enough where the teachers are allowed to give us demerits for something inappropriate but for using a simple watch where you can not call or text? It is ridiculous. I understand that they don’t allow watches because you can receive messages from outside sources, but the school has to realize that you really can’t do anything if Bluetooth doesn’t reach your watch or if you have your phone off.

Why watches could be a resource in classes

Smart watches could become a resource for the students who struggle to understand a topic during class. Teachers are not always going to be there for their students since they are more than 15 in a class. A teacher can not run from one student to another to help them out. Therefore, watches should be a source students can rely on. With the watches, students are able to obtain information in seconds instead of having to wait for the teacher to come to them.