Seniors begin applying for the Posse Scholarship

Posse Scholarship Website where counselors submit nominations PC: Jazlyn Jimenez

By Jazlyn Jimenez ’20

Selected seniors have begun applying for the Posse Scholarship. The Posse Scholarship is a highly competitive scholarship that covers full  college tuition.

The Posse Scholarship only covers 12 colleges that the student may attend. The founders of the scholarship named it Posse because once a student gets selected, he or she will attend college with a group of other students who were also granted the scholarship. The students start meeting their “Posse” in January so that once they start college, they will already have a built in support group.

30 seniors from Pritzker applied for the scholarship. These students were chosen based on teachers, Pritzker Posse alums, and the college team’s nominations. Pritzker has a partnership with Posse, so every year they get to submit students.

“I think I was chosen because I am very talkative in class; I also lead a lot of things. I started a fundraiser and a club for Pritzker last year,” explained senior Ximena Flores, who is one of the selected seniors.

Once Posse receives the nominations, then they will send the students an email for their interview times. There are a total of three interviews in the application process. The interviews are rounds because students have to stand out in order to make it to the next rounds. The seniors have already completed their first interview, so they are waiting to hear whether or not they made it to the second interview.

The first interview is not one’s average interview. The purpose of the first interview is to see how you interact with a large group of people. The goal of the interview is to stand out, which is why the college counselors hold a mock interview to help Pritzker students be better prepared.

During the official interview, the students were asked to do strange things like “start walking like you are the principle of a school,” explained Flores. “We were also asked to put our dominant hand behind our back and build a tower out of straws and tape.” Aside from that, students also had to give a presentation based on a topic that they were presented with. All of these activities were done in groups. Before each activity, the students were asked to place themselves into diverse groups with people they did not know. The last thing the students were asked to do was write an essay in the final 20 minutes.

At the interview, there were around 15 people walking around writing observations of the students on their notepads. Each student had a large sticker with their name and a number on the front and the back of their shirts so that the people observing can jot them down if they did anything outstanding.

If student’s make it to the second round, they will get to have a one on one interview with Posse, explained college counselor Sarah Kruger.

At the final interview, the students will get to meet with the universities that the Posse Scholarship covers. However, the college chooses the students they want. The students were asked to submit their top three college choices from the list; however, it is ultimately the university’s decision, explained Flores.

“Talk a lot, get good grades, participate more in leader style activities,” suggested Flores, “because that’s what Posse is ultimately looking for: a leader.”