Senior Sadee Stelzik’s High School Wrap Up

Senior Sadee Stelzik’s High School Wrap Up

By Skylah Martinez ’21

“BEEP BEEP BEEP.” For four years she has been awakened by her alarm to prepare for another day at Pritzker College Prep. Her name is Sadee Stelzik.

Being a student at Pritzker can be challenging for many because of the LaSalles, demerits, detentions, dress code, and other policies. Stelzik, however, has survived and is already in her last year.

Stelzik takes AP classes that she thinks are going pretty good so far. In an interview with a student from the Pritzker Press she stated, “It’s a lot of deadlines and a lot of prioritizing.” So far though, she feels that her year has been pretty good.

When it comes to writing college essays, there is a lot! Stelzik advises future seniors to really make time for the essays, they are important! Stelzik said, “Make sure you stay on top of your stuff!” Procrastination will not be your friend when it comes to those essays.

Comparing all of her high school years together, Stelzik feels Junior year was her hardest. Focusing on SATs and college really had her stressed.

For college, Stelzik has options. She is not sure which one she will be attending yet, but she does have two top choices: the University of Champaign Urbana and Dominican University.

When asked what she would miss most about Pritzker Stelzik said, “Probably the people I got close with. That’s it,” sorry Pritzker.

Stelzik is involved with a lot in school. She is currently a rugby manager, a staff and officer for MJROTC, and also plays softball in the spring.

She already has teachers who have written her letters of recommendation. One of those teachers is Amanda Meyers, a Literature teacher and soccer coach at Pritzker.

Meyers taught Stelzik in her freshman and junior year. They have grown a good relationship. One thing they connected on was what it means to be different.

When asked about Stelzik, Meyers said, “She [is] always somebody that isn’t afraid to be wrong.”

Meyers has watched Stelzik grow over the years and is excited to see what she will do with her future. She has faith that Stelzik will be “incredibly successful” in whatever she chooses to do.

As a team member, Stelzik  is a very motivating person. During softball games she cheers on her teammates and supports them from the dugout.

As a student, Meyers said that what makes Stelzik stand out is her being a risk taker.

So although Stelzik will not miss much about Pritzker, Pritzker has impacted the young woman she has become. Staff and herself want to see her succeed, and Stelzik seems to know what she wants to do after her high school years are over. Wish her luck!